Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We Could Learn A Thing Or Two

It seems as if the human race is becoming more polarized by the day. Different ethnic groups are supposed to hate each other as are different religious or political groups. We can't seem to see past these minor man made differences to see that we are all people with the same hopes and dreams and that by working together we might actually achieve them more easily.

The animal world, which we like to put down as being inferior to humans, seems to be making progress in caring about their neighbors in need.

This Pit Bull adopted a litter of orphan kittens.

This Papillon mom accepted an orphan squirrel and raised it with her pups.

This little Doxie is cuddling with a baby tiger.

No words necessary.

This goat is nursing a young horse.

A Border Collie is helping to care for a pair of Tiger cubs.

This has to be one of my very favorites. This baby Hippo orphaned by the tsunami in Indonesia was given comfort by a tortoise.

A Rabbit caring for her adopted kittens.

A caring Mom with her litter of kittens.

This is probably the strangest one I've come across, but lovely. This dove is taking care of a litter of baby rabbits.

I think we, as a species, could learn some things about care and respect from the other creatures with whom we share the planet .


Channon said...

Beautiful! I hadn't seen a couple of those before - like the dove and bunnies, for sure...

Rufus, Indie (and Anita) said...

Great pics! Some humans should learn with the animals!
Rufus and Indie

Sam said...

So true! What great pictures. I have never seen anything like the tortoise/hippo one. That really is wild.

LizzieJane said...

How wonderfully precious, we sure could learn a lot from these wonderful creatures.

StellaStar said...

Definitely. And I saw on animal planet that there was a lioness taking care of an abandoned antelope...

gaylen said...

Love the bloodhound and the kitten. So sweet. You are very correct in your statement that we could learn a thing or two from the animals. g

momsue84 said...

What a wonderful post!! I have often felt that we humans should look to the animals for all sorts of things-love, compassion, and caring among them. Thank you so much for these pictures. Just beautiful and so warming to my heart.

Tee said...

Yeah you got a point. In this day of advanced modernization we human beings are becoming increasingly impatient and intolerant of differences. We could learn from them animals - but its oh so hard sometimes to put aside preconcieved ideas and stereotypes and learn patience.


Louisette passion retriever, cat, memory Katanga said...

Soo cute! love between animals, sametimes best than people.Greeting from Belgium.

Dughallmor Beagles said...

Ahhh, beautiful sentiment and such adorable pictures, love this post!