Friday, May 15, 2009

Thoughts For The Weekend

I need to report that Noah is doing great. He's eating well and running around with his brother and sisters and acting like himself, again. He's still on medication and is being watched carefully for any sign of relapse, but I think he's well on the way to a complete recovery. So far, no one else has shown any signs of illness, so with any luck we can get back to normal around here.

I want to also report on some PWDs that belong to friends.

This is Belle. We met her the first year we moved here. She was the constant companion of T who at that time was in college. We met Belle on several occasions and were struck by her behavior. She was very possibly the best trained dog I have ever met. T worked hard with her and it showed.

Belle died a few months ago just short of her 15th birthday. T misses her tremendously as do her family and friends. T is planning to get another PWD in the near future and is going to get Portie fixes from my dogs in the meantime.

When one door closes, another opens up.

In Michigan last week The Lymryk PWD family welcomed these beautiful babes.

This is the May Flower litter and I want to introduce you to some of them.

This little lady is Witch Hazel. I was immediately attracted to her because of her color and markings. Isn't she cute? Wouldn't she and Fudge make pretty puppies?

How can anyone resist this face? This is Sweet William and I think that name is absolutely perfect for him. I'd like to tuck him in my pocket and bring him home.

This is Bachelor Button. What a cutie. The others in the litter are named Snapdragon, Coral Bell, Jack in the Pulpit, Trillium and Holly Hock. It's a good thing they're in Michigan or I'd be so awfully tempted. Lucky P is delivering another litter today. As I write this two pups have been born. I'm hoping she'll share some more pictures with us.

On a slightly different subject, I saw this ad in the ASPCA magazine this month. I started laughing and had to show it to Rob right away. We have a story about this. I think it's hilarious, Rob is just now 22 years later starting to see the humor.

When we were newly married we planned a trip to visit my family for a weekend. Rob had a brand new car. He picked it up the day before we left for the trip. At the time we had two dogs, Libby who was thirteen years old and Pylon who was about four months old. The two dogs were pretty good riders, so we put them in the back seat and took off. The six hour ride went well. We made several stops for the dogs to exercise and relieve themselves and they slept most of the way.

We had a very nice visit with my family and on Sunday morning we were packing up the car and getting ready to leave for home when Pylon escaped and went to visit the neighbor. The neighbor had two cats and Pylon found the litter box. As anyone with a dog knows, a litter box is like a big box of candy to a dog. It was Py's first experience with a litter box and she overindulged.

We walked her around for awhile, but we had to get on the road, so we put the two dogs in the back seat and got started. Less than twenty miles from my Mom's house we were almost overcome by a terrible stench. Py had vomited up the contents of the litter box on the back seat. We stopped and Rob cleaned the seat as well as he could, but the smell was awful. We had to drive for six hours with the windows open. It was December in New York State and the temperature was in the 30's.

The car had lost it's 'new car smell' forever. When he showed it to his friends at work the next day, he had to explain the smell. Welcome to married life with dogs.


Anonymous said...

Oh Sue, I am weeping.
Thanks, T

LizzieJane said...

What a great way to end the week! Noah is on the mend, a litter of new puppies and a giggle at the end of your post!
Have a lovely weekend Sue,

Nicki said...

Great story. Don't you think Witch Hazel needs to come live at your house. She's so precious!

Sam said...

What a great story. One that will (and has) stand the test of time. Marge loves the litter box, too..

Seems like Belle was a great gal who lived a long and very happy life with your friend.

Tee said...

Sue! You made the Chief laugh so much her sides hurt!

Have a lovely weekend!

The Dog WOods Pack

Gingerbread said...

I am so glad Noah is looking so much better. I have just been enjoying reading the rest of your post, lovely storys. Thanks. Julie.C

THOR said...

I´m happy to hear Noah is doing great!
Thanks for sharing Belle story and those beautiful babies!
Great story!


soulbrush said...

that noah is a star! welcome back big boy! i dread the thought of muy snuffs dying....hiccup.what adorable pups, i would want to take them all home!

dreameyce said...

AWW! I love those chocolates. I dream of owning a chocolate dog someday. It's been a long-time dream of mine :)

A friend who breeds Mittlespitz, keeps threatening to send me a pup someday. I don't think I'd complain much if it were chocolate!

Channon said...

Gretchen wants you and your pack to know she's discovered the joy of dropping a ball in my lap and playing indoor fetch.

That aside, we're delighted to hear Noah is recovering. Sissy wants to know if he's allowed to eat his regular food in regular amounts yet.

We also think Jack in the Pulpit should come to our house, based on name alone. Surely he'd like to bounce and climb with the fur-girls?

Dianne said...

I'm glad Noah is back to normal. Cute puppy shots. I need a puppy. No, I really don't need one, but want one very bad!