Friday, May 29, 2009

End Of The Week

Here it is Friday already. As usual I didn't get to half the things I had planned to do this week. The days just fly by. Here is a wrap up of what did get accomplished.

First I had a report today from All Creatures on the little dog that was hit by a car. On Wednesday they were hopeful. She was able to move her head a little, but on Thursday she had a set back and the owner, with the advice of Dr B decided to have her put down. Her injuries were just too great. She had internal injuries, including the one to her spine and a pretty bad cut on her leg. She was a five year old Jack Russel and the impact was too much for her little body. Her companion has not been located yet.

This is a cross stitch pillow I designed. I saw a similar design in a magazine and so I pulled out the graph paper and started drawing. It was fun to design and even more fun to stitch. I backed it with a tiny black and white print.

When we moved here ten years ago the back trellis was covered with Clematis. I think there were four different varieties. Some of the plants are still going, though they aren't producing as many or as large flowers as they used to. I think next year we may dig them up and replace them with some strong new plants. Still they are pretty right now.

If you're wondering what the dogs are up to today, here they are.

Sky was a bad boy and brought this inside toy out with him. He likes to try to sneak things past me at the door. There's usually so much confusion going through the door that he stands a pretty good chance of smuggling something past me.

Lola saw what he had and took it away from him. I has to grab it from her and put it back inside. You can see some of the stuffing on the ground. She would have destroyed it or hidden it.

Rob got a chance between storms to cut the grass. Because it was wet, we have clumps of grass all over the place. The dogs love to roll in the clumps of wet grass. Here's Tess enjoying one of her favorite things.

Noah saw what Tess was doing and went over to check it out.

Oh boy, grass clumps. What fun.

I don't know why, but this is pure joy for these dogs.

As you can imagine, they wind up smelling like wet grass and looking sort of greenish and grassy.

Bailey thinks she looks fine with bits of grass all over her face.

We wish you all a warm, sunny, 'roll in the grass' weekend.


Unknown said...

OMG that pillow is incredible. I would have been blind trying to stitch that and keep track of the colors and the movement. Great job.

Beau likes to take his inside toys out too. And then he won't bring them back. Silly dogs :) g

Sam said...

So sorry about the poor little Jack Russell. Seems like everyone tried their best to save her, but the injuries proved too great.

Your pillow is really cool - you've got some talent! (Speaking of which, reminds me - we're all set for the bandana showcase. Just waiting for the next not-raining day to take a nice pic! Is it June 10, correct?)

Hope you and yours have a great weekend too.

Thor and Jack said...

Thanks for the update for the little dog. I´m keeping my paws crossed for him.
Your pillow is very cool. You´re so talented!
Your dogs look so cute playing in the backyard and rolling in the grass. I love the last picture.
Have a great weekend!


momsue84 said...

Thanks for the update on the little Jack Russell. How very sad, but I am hoping the vet kept him pain free.

Your pillow is just lovely. I used to cross stitch all the time until my eyes said, "No more." I miss it.

Milo, too, love to roll in whatever is interesting in the back yard. We have to worry about rattlesnakes here, so I am always vigilant.

LizzieJane said...

It's so sad to hear that the little Jack Russell, I know everyone did the best they could.

I love your pillow, you clever thing you! I hope you and all your gang have a wonderful weekend Sue!

dreameyce said...

Poor owners :( I hope the other pup is located soon, and safe. What a horrible, horrible nightmare!

My dogs love wet grass rolls too. Just be thankful like I am, we don't have all white dogs! Black, and brown hides green well ;) teehee

Rufus and Indie said...

Those flowers are beautiful! Sun baths, so good!!!
Rufus and Indie

Rufus and Indie said...

I'm sorry but I have Rufus and Indie's photos for June 10th but I can't remember what I have to do next! Do I send them by e-mail?

Molly the Airedale said...

We're so sorry to hear about the poor Jack Russell! We feel so badly about him!
Your pillow is just gorgeous and so are the clematis!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

SissySees said...

Gretchen is learning to sneak inside toys out too. Mugsy was a master.

The pillow is outstanding! Wow...

SissySees said...

- and PS -

Thank you for the JRT update. I was hoping for better, and still am...

StellaStar said...

That pillow is awesome! Glad it's grass your dogs are rolling in and not poo!