Monday, May 11, 2009

Relaxing With Dogs

The year we moved here I gave Rob a hammock for his birthday. He had visions of reading and napping in peace in the back yard.

At that time we had Pylon, Bentley, Lucy and Monty was just a puppy.

Lucy was little and fit in the hammock with Rob.

Monty thought he should get in there with them.

Times change.

Today Rob decided to try out the hammock. It was the first time these dogs had ever seen it.

They watched him with great interest.

Wow, that looks like fun.

It looks like Rob might get overturned by the pack.

They all want to join him.

He finally got in and Noah and Sky checked to make sure he's OK.

Bailey was trying to get through the side.

She finally figured out that you have to over the net.

She wanted to get in with him.

I'm not sure which one this is.

Bailey and Tess

Norma Jean

She was very determined to join him.

She finally settled for being petted.

But not for long.

Morgan had to check out the action.

Restful? Not very.


gaylen said...

Oh that looks like fun. The dogs have never seen Jay's hammock, and except for the father's day he got it, he hasn't either. g

Channon said...

I think once the pollen goes away, the Knight will have to drag my hammock out. Mugsy could leap into it, with or without me in it. I bet Sissy could too. It might be too high for Gretch.

momsue84 said...

Everyone looks like they were having so much fun!! So funny!!

Anita said...

Oh my! No more napping there, the photos are so funny! Doggie pack attack!:)
Rufus and Indie

LizzieJane said...

That is too funny! So much for a quiet afternoon nap!

Sam said...

I know the feeling. Marge doesn't allow me on the basement couch at night without coming over, licking my face and trying to jump up, too.

Life With Dogs said...

I would have been on the ground in five minutes. Nice balance :)

Hero said...

I've never seen a hammock before, but it sure looks like a great place to ambush hoomans. I'll try to send the bandana pic by tomorrow.

Thor said...

The hammock looks pretty fun! I´d love take a nap there with daddy!
Funny pictures! You are so cool, guys!
I will send you my picture with the blue bandanna.


soulbrush said...

this is such a fun post, i did he won't do that again in a hurry. he is so lovely with the dogs...a good man -keep him!

Nichole said...

Great shots!!!

silfert said...

I called over the other folks in the coffeeshop to view those pictures. A big laugh was had by all!

Rose said...

Oh my! How adorable the dogs look. Reminds me of MaggieMae wanting to be "on top" of me whether I lay down or sit in the recliner! Too funny!!!