Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Noah Update

I just want to post a quick note about Noah. He's doing much better today. The vomiting has stopped and the stool is slightly better than yesterday. He complained a lot last night about not being fed.

Today he's been getting a teaspoon of food every couple hours and although he says he'd like more, we're taking it easy and trying to give his intestinal tract a chance to heal.

Noah and I both want to thank everyone who sent him get well wishes. He's normally such a happy little fellow that it's painful to see him sitting on the sidelines watching the others play. This afternoon he was joining in the games, so I think we've turned a corner.

A special thank you to Chan for sending me this neat hat that she made. I've always had a thing for hats. She made it in my favorite color, too. Momma Bear is modeling it for me, no that isn't my big nose in the picture. It arrived yesterday in the midst of all the excitement and was the one bright spot in the day.


Hero said...

What a rough day you all had yesterday! I'm glad to hear that Noah is feeling much better today. My mom has sent you all an email with my bandana picture. I hope you like it!

THOR said...

I am so happy to hear Noah is doing much better today. Hope he feels all good quickly!
I am so behind in blogging. Mom has been very busy for help me. I told her that we have to send my bandana picture soon.


Channon said...

Sissy says to tell Noah she's felt his pain. She was sick like he was after her first trip to the beach. She accused us of starving her more than once during the recovery process.

I'm glad the hat fits!

Dianne said...

So glad Noah is doing better!

LizzieJane said...

What good news that Noah is on the mend. I hope the little guy continues to improve quickly so he can get back to having fun with his siblings.

soulbrush said...

soooo glad you hear that our biy is doing much better,,,aaawwww sweetie pie, they hate being sick as much as we do!