Saturday, October 31, 2009

Weekend Reminder

Don't forget to stop by Dogs-N-More and see all the scary canine characters that are begging for treats today. Prepare to be terrified!!

Friday, October 30, 2009


Halloween is here again. Rob loves the holiday, I've never been fond of it. As a chocolate addict, however, I do see some reason to acknowledge it.

I thought you might like to see some of the ways we've celebrated Halloween since we've been married.

This is Mr Punk Man, who I introduced last week. Unfortunately, he didn't survive till Halloween. He was carved a little too early in the month, but we had some fun with him while he was here.

Rob enjoys carving pumpkins each year and one year when we lived in Maryland he did these.

One of our favorite pumpkin pictures was the year we adopted Bentley. He came to live with us on October 15 and was about six weeks old at Halloween. He was too little to climb the stairs, but he was fascinated by the pumpkin.

Rob liked to dress up and go trick or treating with our neighbors kids. Here he and my friend Sue's little daughter are applying their makeup at our kitchen table.

Rob put black and purple and green lumps on his face, then pulled a stocking over his head. Then he put on a hooded sweatshirt and pulled the hood up so just the lumpy colorful face showed. He scared a lot of the littler kids on the block.

While we lived in Maryland we visited the grave of Edgar Allan Poe in Baltimore. This was his first headstone.

The school children of Baltimore collected money to buy him a new larger headstone. It's in the same old cemetery. If you're near there, the tour is a lot of fun, especially around Halloween.

I don't usually dress my dogs for Halloween, but this year I put a bonehead hat on Fudge for pictures. As you can see he didn't think much of the idea.

Fudge has a high opinion of himself and doesn't consider himself a bonehead. He was pretty unhappy as he posed.

Since Mr Punk Man didn't last, Rob wanted to carve another pumpkin. This is his idea of a Pumpkin Water Dog.

It appears to be a very sad PWD.

Here it is with it's big ears.

Here it is finished with ears and a tail.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Think I Can

A strange thing happened today. It stopped raining and the sun put in an appearance. It was the perfect day to bob for apples.

Rob cut the apples in quarters.

Noah was the first to try.

He got one right away.

It tasted delicious.

Norma Jean stuck her face in the water and caught an apple.

Tess wanted an apple and gave it a try, but she had trouble catching one.

Bailey came over for a try.

Bailey snagged an apple immediately and took it off to enjoy it.

Tess was still trying.

Morgan grabbed an apple on the first try.

Tess was having a really hard time. Everyone else was grabbing apples, chomping them up and coming back for more, but she was still trying to catch one. My instinct was to help her, but Tess lacks confidence and I know that helping her isn't what's best for her.

Noah was back for the third time.

Morgan was on her fourth apple.

Fudge was looking over the apples to select the right one.

No cheating, Fudge.

He made a grab and snagged an apple.

Noah was back yet again.

Samba made it look easy. She just stuck her head in the water and got one.

She laid down to savor hers.

Fudge is back for another try.

Tsar doesn't like the water and told us that he wanted an apple but had no intention of geting wet.

Rob handed him his apple.

Sky also doesn't like to get his head wet, so he sat up nicely and was handed one.

He enjoyed it without getting wet.

Finally, Tess grabbed an apple. She didn't give up even though she had a much harder time than the others.

That was the best tasting apple!! She went back and tried again and by the end of the game she had eaten three apples. Great job, Tessie.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Our New FireHouse

When we moved here ten years ago, our firehouse was quite a long ways from us. It was something we gave a lot of thought to at the time and it also affected our insurance rates.

About three months ago we were extremely happy to watch as they built our new firehouse less than half a mile from our place. On Saturday, the last time we saw sunshine, they had an open house.

Look at all those gauges!!

We feel safer and our insurance rates have dropped and all is well.