Thursday, July 8, 2021


 How can it be summer already? We're still a whole year behind. Shouldn't things slow down and give us a chance to catch up? Oh well.... onward! I have recovered fully from my gallstone operation and my knee is doing much better with a steroid injection and some therapy. A couple years ago I had surgery on my foot. I had injured it kicking a rock during a temper tantrum. Unfortunately, the surgery didn't work and because 2020 was a lost year, I finally had the surgery redone a couple days ago. Let's hope for better results and yes, I have learned to channel my anger in better ways.

Mackey is doing pretty well with her tendonitis. The steroids really helped but when they were done the limp came back. Dr B said it would be a long slow recovery, so we're making her take it easy, as much as we can.

We've still been getting lots of rain. It's even forecast for the rest of the week. Our yard has never been so green. The weeds are growing like weeds. The fungi are also growing. Here are a few that I discovered last week. These are growing on an old tree limb that fell a couple years ago.
See the little red one. There are a couple like that, pretty but probably deadly.
This cluster of tiny pink ones is interesting.
We also have wild strawberries growing all over the place, both front and back yards. The birds probably planted them and the night visitors sometimes eat them. They're very small and not sweet so they're welcome to them.
I've been keeping myself entertained during my recovery by reading and knitting. I've added to my collection of knit dogs.
Each of these is the size of a real puppy, so I will soon be out of room. 

Then I decided to try something different. I've seen Bernie popping up everywhere online so I attempted to make my own Bernie doll. Here he is.

The deer come around most mornings and evenings but lately they've been stopping by in the late afternoon.

Rocket still comes by every evening for dinner. He's been coming earlier, even before it gets dark. He finishes his dinner and plays in the fountain for awhile. Then he hides in the hedge while Rob gives him a second course. The door is barely closed before he's back to stuff himself some more.   
One of his favorite meals is dog kibble coated with bacon grease. He gets it a couple times a week and he licks the feeder clean. Unfortunately he then plays in the fountain for awhile and leaves a film of bacon grease floating on the water. Rob has to clean the fountain daily because Rocket makes such a mess.  
So, as you can see, nothing very important has been going on here. Springfield, Missouri has been in the news a lot lately because Covid is surging here. Most of the citizens have decided they don't need to be vaccinated. Rob and I are both fully vaccinated but we stay home unless it's absolutely necessary to go out and we both wear masks in public. There's no reasoning with stupid!