Saturday, November 30, 2013

Lots of Spots

Hi, I'm Mackenzie.  Dad calls me Max and Mom calls me Mackie Doodle. My sister Sydney and I are spotty dogs.
We have spots on our faces.
I have a spot on my tail.

We have big spots.

And we have little spots.
We have spots on our legs.
And we have spots on our toes.
Look at that, we even have spots on our bellies.

Thursday, November 28, 2013


Today is Thanksgiving.

Happy turkey day everybody.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Iced Pups

 Yesterday was a cold windy day. I only let the dogs out to take care of necessary matters, then quickly brought them back into the warmth of the house. By last night they were bouncing off the walls and driving me crazy. At bedtime I told Rob that they were going out to play today no matter what the weather was like.
This morning it was sunny but still cold. After breakfast the temperature had at least gotten up to 36 so I sent the Portie girls, Noah, Sebastian and Sydney out to play. I set the kitchen timer for 20 minutes. Being a typical worried mom, I went to the window after ten minutes to check on them.

Sebastian was rolling on the cold ground. Noah and Bailey were both stretched out on the ground chewing on sticks and Tess, Lola, Norma Jean and Syd were all crammed into the wading pool trying to break up the thick ice on the bottom. I guess I didn't need to worry.

After twenty minutes that group came in and Fudge and Mac went out for twenty. After everyone was in for half an hour they all went out again. We'll do it again this afternoon, then maybe we can have a nice calm evening with tired dogs.

Please excuse any typos in this post. Mac has decided to sit on my lap as I work on the computer. She likes to look at the pictures.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Calendar Girl

Yeah, yeah, my heart's in a whirl
I love, I love, I love my little calendar girl
Every day, every day of the  year.
      By Neil Sedaka

Marilyn Monroe was a calendar girl.
Marilyn Monroe's real name was Norma Jean Baker.
Norma Jean was named for Marilyn Monroe. Norma Jean is a calendar girl.

Ms Ginger Oliphant has an Etsy shop called Going Places 2. Last year she asked if she could use Norma Jean as a model for a poster.
Since then Norma Jean has been featured on lots of items, such as a mouse pad........
An iphone cover........
and my very favorite, these Portuguese stamp coasters.
Now our very own Miss Norma Jean is Miss August in this sweet little calendar and not only that, but she's the cover girl, too.
All these items make great little stocking stuffers and Ginger has many other breeds in her shop. If you're looking for a gift for a Terrier person or a Hound lover, she has you covered. From Huskies to Labs and everything in between. Just in case she doesn't have your favorite breed represented, she does custom work too. She even has a line of Holiday cards.
Don't you need a little Norma Jean in your life?

Sunday, November 24, 2013

A First Birthday

Today is Sydney and Mackenzie's birthday. They're one whole year old. It's been a rocky year at times but we made it.
After raising a house full of Portuguese Water Dogs who want to be with me at all times, doing whatever I'm doing, it was hard to adjust to a couple of hound puppies who wanted to be on their own, outside, exploring all day.

The girls have very different personalities. Syd is very serious and can be snappy.
Mac is happy-go-lucky and gets along with everyone.

They used to be best friends, but lately there has been friction.
We're trying to work thru the problems.
 Let's hope the next year goes more smoothly.

 Happy birthday girls.