Sunday, December 30, 2018

Beyond Good #Chewy Influencer

Hi everybody,
Well, we're coming down to the end of 2018. It was one of those mixed years, some good stuff happened and some bad stuff happened. It was like most years, I guess.

It's ending with some really cold weather so we're spending lots of time napping, but we're all wide awake at dinner time. Over the holidays Mom has been trying to give us a nice variety of flavors.
Last night was a good example. She made a big pot of rice cooked with pumpkin. We each got some on our kibbles, but then she added something new.
Chewy sent us a bunch of Purina Beyond Wild Prey-Inspired Turkey, Liver & Duck Recipe Canned Dog Food.  It's made with real turkey, chicken, duck and chicken liver plus lots of vitamins and minerals that make Mom happy. No artificial colors, flavoring or preservatives and no poultry by-product meal.
We each had a nice big scoop of Beyond mixed with the kibble and rice. This was a great cold day dinner and every bowl was licked clean.
The Purina peeps make lots of different dog foods, but we really like this one. Mom likes that it stays easy to scoop even after being refrigerated. We like that it tastes wonderful.

Beyond Wild comes in beef, liver and lamb flavor, too. There are also a number of other Beyond flavors available.  So there's something for every taste. That's important because nobody wants to eat the same thing every day.

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve. I wonder what Mom has in store for our dinner then.

Chewy sent us this Beyond Wild Canned Dog Food at no cost to us in exchange for our honest opinions. Try some! 

Your pal, Fudge

Monday, December 24, 2018

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Hi Everybody,
It won't be long now. Mom spent Saturday in the kitchen and so did we.
Then Dad came home from the store and look what he had. Animal crackers and guess who they're for...  us, we're the animals. He brought some millet for the birdies, too.
Tomorrow Dad is making lasagna for Mom so she said we could have pasta and sardines for Christmas dinner.  I think I'm drooling already.

So now we just settle down to wait for Santa.
Merry Christmas from Fudge, Tess, Lola, Noah, Norma Jean, Sebastian, Sydney, Mackey and the birds Norris, Winter and Summer.

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Please Pass The Salmon #Chewy Influencer

With an almost 14 year old and four 12 year olds in the house, we have a lot of creaky, achy joints. Years ago we started everyone on fish oil and it's just become part of our daily routine. At least once a week everyone gets fish for dinner and I try to make it the good oily kind like sardines, mackeral or salmon.  My dogs also take fish oil capsules each morning just after breakfast. They often get a squirt of salmon oil on their breakfast, too. Whenever anyone seems stiff or shows a limp, Dr B's advice has been to increase their fish oil. At one time Morgan was taking eight capsules a day. Remember, she lived to 16.

This month Chewy offered us a chance to review NaturVet Salmon Oil Skin and Coat Gel Caps.
 These are nice small sized capsules, perfect for a smaller dog or as a starter for puppies. If anyone needs instructions on getting your dog to take fish oil caps, I'll share my technique.
The first time poke a hole in the capsule with a needle. Squeeze a little of the oil into the dogs mouth as you feed her the capsule. Do that for a couple of days. They'll quickly learn that if they bite down on the capsule, they'll taste that nice fishy oil and soon they'll  be accepting the caps as treats.
My dogs all love these salmon oil capsules and I'm happy that they're getting something to help keep them healthy and moving with less pain.
Chewy sent us a bottle of NaturVet Salmon Oil Caps at no cost to us in exchange for our honest opinion.

Friday, December 21, 2018

The Winter Solstice

  We wish you and yours a safe and peaceful Winter Solstice.

Monday, December 17, 2018

Yes, I Have Always Loved Dogs

Recently my Aunt was going thru a box of old photos and keepsakes and sent me a few  that I hadn't seen before. They reminded me that my love affair with dogs has been a lifelong affair. Here I think I'm about two and my fuzzy friend is Pete.
This one may have been around the same age. This is our neighbor's collie pup. It was a Christmas present for his daughter and we were keeping it till Christmas.
This was about age 3 and I have no idea who's pups these were. They weren't ours.
Then there was Blondie, my buddy.
I still had time for puppies though.
Boots was the first dog that was all mine.
Zelda was a puppy from my first litter. She was the easiest dog I've ever known.
This is my Uncle's dog Brandy. She had Lupus which caused her to lose all the black pigment in her face. She was a big goofball.
Libby was my beach dog. She judged my dates and only accepted the ones smart enough to bribe her.
 Porsche was sick when we adopted her and only lived a few days,but she made a big impression.
Bentley was my first Portie and joined Pylon in our family.

   Lucy may have been little but she ruled the house.
  Suddenly there was a houseful.
 Samba was so special that I don't have words to describe her.
Then, of course, there was Fudge. Fudge helped me fulfill a lifetime goal of putting a title on a dog.
Add Samba and Fudge together and we get the whole Portie clan.
There have been others too, Monty, Tsar, Sebastian, Sydney and Mackey. There have also been many that belonged with other people but won my heart.

So you see I have always loved dogs. And rabbits, too.

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Just Waiting For Santa

Hi Everybody,
Isn't December a funny month? It has some really great days toward the end of the month. 
 The problem is that we have to do a lot of waiting thru the beginning of the month till we get to the special days.
The hardest part is being good dogs all those early days while Santa is watching.
We have to think before we do stupid stuff because we don't want Santa to get mad.
 So here we are just waiting.
 Your pal, Fudge

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Then And Now

Before the massive warehouse stores, before the early morning openings, before the crowds waiting for that special deal, Black Friday was known simply as the day after Thanksgiving.
Each year on the day after Thanksgiving my Mom and I met for a quick breakfast, then set off for a pleasant day of shopping. We'd have lunch at a quiet restaurant, do a little more shopping, then head home to admire our purchases. Later we'd make our shopping lists for the rest of the family. It was a day we both looked forward to.

Things change.

My Mom is gone. The advertising for the big day starts weeks ahead, each store trying to outdo the others. The doors open earlier each year and the crowds sometimes become mobs as they storm the doors in search of a hyped sale.
I don't venture out anymore on Black Friday, though thanks to the internet I can still do some shopping.

  Mom and I usually wound up buying things for ourselves and each other.  Priorities change. Now I tend to make less exciting purchases. One of our favorite places to check out on Black Friday is  Last year we stocked up on biscuits.
This year  we took advantage of some twofer deals. We  found some food at buy one, get one free.
We also were pleased to find our favorite probiotic on a two for one deal.
Just as I thought we were done, I discovered that Fudge's favorite dipping sauce aka salmon oil was on a two for one sale.
I had eight very happy dogs when the big box was delivered. Just in case you're feeling sorry for me, I also found a rather nice sale on some yarn that I've been wanting, so I was pretty happy too.