Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Oodles Of Fun

Coming to the end of the year we, of course, had to make a couple of visits to Dr B and the nice ladies. First, a couple days before Christmas, Norma Jean cut her tongue and needed emergency surgery to repair it. That and the new water heater were my unexpected and unwished for Christmas gifts. However, we do need hot water and Norma Jean does need her tongue, so all is well.
I'm happy to report that after a week of antibiotic and pain pills and much worry by the peeps, Norma Jean's tongue is once again pink and active.

On Saturday I noticed that Noah's eyes were once again bright red and goopy. I started using the ointment again but since it doesn't seem to be working, we took him in yesterday for a checkup. The first thing Dr B did was run a test to check the moisture of his eyes. The magic number that we want is 12. The right eye just beat it at 13, but the left eye failed at 9. This all means that Noah can no longer tolerate the sulfa based drug he was taking for colitis.
We're starting him on the same drug that Fudge is taking and I have eye drops to help heal his eyes. The doc says they should return to normal tear production as soon as the sulfa is out of his system. This morning they're still red but don't seem to be bothering his as much. He isn't rubbing them all the time.

Our vet appointment was the next to last of the day yesterday and when we came out of the exam room we met the last appointment waiting to go in. To my delight it was a litter of 11 nine week old Standard Poodle pups. I didn't have my camera with me, I must get better about that in the new year, so I "borrowed" some pics from Google.
There is nothing I can think of that I would rather do than hold puppies and the owner was only to happy to share. Rob and Dr B ad several of the techs and I stood around cuddling small soft fuzzy pups. The puppy breath was delicious and mine snuggled into my neck and went to sleep. I was hoping no one would notice if I just slipped out to the car with him sleeping. No such luck.
What a wonderful, happy way to end the year, playing with sweet puppies. It beats a noisy party any day.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Santa Came!

Hi Everybody,
Wow, are you all having a wonderful day? Ours started out like any other day, we had breakfast, then Mom and Dad had breakfast. Then Mom said she needed her coffee. Yuck! Did you ever taste that stuff? It's worse than soapy bath water, but the peeps seem to like it. Then after her coffee was gone, Dad took us all outside. Guess what was there. Sunshine! We haven't seen sunshine in 87 days.

We were all exploring the yard when Mom came on the deck and said to come back in. She said Santa had been there.
Santa came? How did we miss him? 
We didn't see a team of reindeer fly over. I'm sure we would have noticed.

We went back in the house and sure enough, Santa had come and left lots of toys.
We all started grabbing toys and trying them out.
Mom said she thought Bailey would choose this purple elephant.
She said she just knew Sebastian would like the big pink bunny.
Everyone grabbed toys, then passed them on to someone else and went back for more.
 Syd had to wear a leash because sometimes she doesn't like to share and Mom wanted to be able to grab her if she started getting selfish.  But she was a good girl today.
 There were a couple good games of tug.
Mom was wrong about Bailey. She chose a purple bunny and said it was her new special toy.
Sebastian tried out almost every toy before he chose a favorite.
  We stopped for cookies, then went back to play some more.

Finally it was time for a nap. Sebastian made his  choice and he picked the big pink bunny. 
 We are all having loads of fun and looking forward to a special dinner this afternoon. We hope Santa brought everything on your list to you today. Merry Christmas.
Your pal, Fudge

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Stockings Were Hung By The Chimney With Care

I love making Christmas stockings. I like knitting them and cross stitching them and sewing them. I just truly enjoy making them.
I've made them for family and friends and for us.
But how many stockings does a person need? The first year we were married I knit stockings for Rob and me. We still use them. I also knit stockings for the two dogs we had at the time.

As more dogs came along, we switched to the toy box, but they do hang this stocking just for looks.
A couple years later I made these stockings for us, but we don't actually use them.

Then there were these two, which are my favorites.
In recent years I've stitched these, though I haven't made them up yet.
I can't help myself, I just love making Christmas stockings. It's time to go hang those stockings now. Merry Christmas everyone.