Sunday, October 28, 2018

What A Weekend #Chewy Influencer

Hi everybody,
It's been an amazing four days for us. Let me explain. Thursday was Tessie's birthday. She was born before midnight, so she's a day older than the rest of her litter. Mom always makes sure that she gets special attention on her day.
This year it was kind of tricky because Mom had some minor surgery on her foot Thursday morning, so she was limping around, but for dinner we all got something special. Chewy had sent us some Taste Of The Wild Pacific Stream Grain-Free Canned Dog Food and she saved it for birthday dinner.  This is salmon flavor, one of our favorites.
We all love fish and Mom feeds it to us a lot. This food has big chunks of salmon in a tasty fishy gravy. It has prebiotic fiber and nutrients from sweet potatoes, blueberries, tomatoes and raspberries. Doesn't that sound yummy? We all got some on our dinner but Tess got an extra spoonful.
On Friday Lola, Norma Jean and Noah were the birthday kids and we were ready. These were waiting for after dinner.
Today is a sunny pretty day and there are two boxes of Frosty Paws in the freezer so I'm pretty sure the fun isn't over.

We even got a birthday box from our Chewy family with treats for all of us. Aren't birthdays great? 

Mom says she's not so sure. She was thinking about the ones who weren't here to celebrate with us, Bailey, Gracie, Sky, Gib, Ocho and of course Samba. We'll never forget them.
  Your pal, Fudge

Chewy sent us some Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Grain Free canned dog food at no cost to us in exchange for our honest opinion.

Monday, October 22, 2018


Hi Everybody,
We spent the weekend waiting which is nobody's favorite thing to do. You see, my little daughter Lola is sick. She went to visit Dr B last Friday and he examined her and stole some blood from her leg. We all had to wait till today to get the results.
Waiting is hard even when you're not waiting for anything special. But when somebody is sick and you're worried, waiting is super hard to do.

It was a chilly weekend so Mom spent some of the time in the kitchen baking. She made an apple pie.
She made some banana bread.
And she made a strawberry banana pie, with sprinkles, for our dessert.
 Then, finally, today came. Dr B called Mom this morning and it was good news. You see we thought Lola might have a very sick liver. She's been drinking a lot of water and boy, do I mean a lot. Then she has to pee about every hour. Mom has been getting up during the night with her because she has to pee then, too. But the lab tests showed that Lola's liver is actually better than it was last year and nothing seemed wrong on the lab report. There's no infection, nothing to explain her thirst and her peeing.

Dr B has another test for Mom to do to figure out just how much Lola is drinking and they'll do that next week. He says there are a couple things that may be going on. Over the weekend Mom started giving Lola some Denamarin that she had left over from Morgan. We can't explain it but Lola slept thru the night Saturday and Sunday. Dr B says to continue the Denamarin and suggested a couple other things to try. He also said that Lola's grieving for Bailey may be playing a part because stress can do strange things. Lola is still looking for Bailey but she seems to be adjusting to her being gone.

Whatever is going on, we're all really glad that Lola is going to be OK.  I personally think it was the sprinkles that helped.
Your pal, Fudge

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Messin With Mother Nature

Hi Everybody,
You should never mess with Mother Nature. Everybody should know that, but peeps have been messin around for years and now she's good and mad about it. Even we dogs can see that things aren't quite right anymore. This year we didn't get a Spring. It went right from Winter to Summer and that's just not right.
The Summer we got wasn't much fun. It was really hot and dry. We dogs that carry around a fur coat all the time appreciate cooler temps. When it's 90 every day, we lie around in the air conditioning when we should be out running and digging and doing doggie things. Then in early June we started seeing these things in the yard. Wooly worms aren't supposed to be out and about in early June. We saw big ones and little ones and curled up ones. Guess he's hot too.
Mom and I took a walk around the yard yesterday and it looks like Mother Nature is really confused. Here's the crabapple tree doing what it's supposed to do, send out lot's of little apples. That's good.
Here's our Nandina. It's sending out sprays of berries, which is good.....
.......but it's also flowering, which it's supposed to do in the Spring. Uh oh!
 Dad harvested our Moringa trees because they need warm temperatures and probably won't live thru our Winter. Dad says he's going to try to save them but we just don't know. Dad dries the leaves and Mom cooks them with rice for us to eat on our dinner. Dad also makes tea with them. 

Our holly looks nice and shiny, but there are no berries.
Dad's rose bush is blooming.
Mom and I found these buds in the rock garden. She thinks they're violets which shouldn't bud till Spring.
 This tree is sending out cones. That's good.
But The Weigela is flowering, which is not good.
And look at the Clematis!
The Pyracantha has berries. Good.
There are wild strawberries growing in the yard. What!
The  next door neighbor's Maple tree is dressed for Fall.
 Ours is just starting to change at the very top.
 We found some purple mushrooms in the rock garden.  This years we've found lots of mushrooms and we found yellow ones and red ones and now purple ones.

Inside the house where Mom tries to keep the weather more normal, we can tell that Winter is coming because the Christmas Cacti are both in bloom.
Mom doesn't like to give up on a plant till there's no hope left and this year she was rewarded by the Poinsettias from last Christmas. They're both doing great, though only one has red bracts right now.

We hope that all the peeps around the world and especially in Washington DC wake up and start treating Mother Nature better. We need to help the plants get back on track and start doing things at the right time so we can all enjoy our Earth.
Your pal, Fudge

Monday, October 15, 2018

Plan Ahead #Chewy Influencer

Hi everybody,
Guess what! The holidays are coming! Next month is Thanksgiving and that means lots of good food. Mom and Dad cook a turkey and other good foodables and they share with us.
Usually Mom makes enchiladas for us on Turkey Day and then over the next few days we sample the other stuff like sweet potatoes and even the cranberries.

This month our Chewy friends sent us a Thanksgiving preview and we tried it. YUM!!! This is Merrick's Grain-Free Thanksgiving Day Dinner Canned Dog Food. It's just like the peeps eat, full of turkey, sweet potatoes, cranberries, carrots, green beans, apples, blueberries and other good stuffs.
If your peeps don't cook or if they go to somebody else's house for Thanksgiving dinner, you don't have to suffer. Tell them to get some Merrick's Thanksgiving Day Dinner.  You still have plenty of time to order it because Chewy brings your box of goodies in just a couple days. Then you can have this for the holiday and even have leftovers for the next week. How great is that?

Look at those big chunks of turkey.  We think we'll have some more tonight to get us in the holiday mood.
Mom says to tell you that Chewy sent us this case of Merrick's Thanksgiving Day Dinner at no cost to us in exchange for our honest review. I thought it was just because I'm so lovable.
Try some, you'll love it.
Your pal, Fudge

Friday, October 12, 2018

Good As New

This morning Noah went back to the hospital to have the stitches out of his eyelid. Because of the location he had to fast overnight and go in early this morning. We expected to pick up a groggy dog late in the afternoon.

But we received a call mid morning and Dr B said he took the stitches out without sedation. He told Noah to sit very still and because I've taught him to sit still while I put his ointment in his eyes, he did it.

We picked up a dog that was very happy to be free of his plastic hat after ten days of crashing into everything. He came home,  ate a late breakfast, then settled down to cleaning his feet which he hasn't been able to do.

Dr B says the eye has healed well and doesn't look any different than the other one. It must feel so much better. POTP works again!

Wednesday, October 3, 2018


Hi everybody,
Mom and Dad went to the store and look what they brought home. Cupcakes with sprinkles!!! You all know what that means.......a party!
But my brain is confused because nobody is having a birthday till the end of the month. So why are we having a party?
Then Mom explained it. She said we have two important things to celebrate. 

First, Noah's eye is fixed. He came thru the surgery nicely. Last night he couldn't sleep. He whimpered all night and nobody got much sleep, but today his eye looks better. Last night it was really red and puffy but today it looks like an eye. He's getting a lot of ointments and drops, but he says it makes it feel better, so I guess it's all good. Just glad it's him and not me.
The second thing we're celebrating is pretty important too. It's been one whole year since Mackey had a seizure. When Mom told Dr B, he shrugged and said "something changed". He says seizures aren't understood very well and we don't know why her seizures started or why they stopped, but we sure are glad they stopped.  They were scary.
So today we're eating cupcakes and doing a happy dance. Won't you all join us?
Your pal