Saturday, October 30, 2010


Our Mom has never been a big fan of Halloween, except for the eating chocolate part.

  She doesn't have us dress up in costumes, but this year she found these silly glasses.

   So do you think we look glamorous?

We think we look like famous Hollywood type dogs.

So, Happy Halloween to all of you.

 And one more thing,


Friday, October 29, 2010

This Is More Like It

This morning I sent the dogs outside and went to get their breakfast ready. When I glanced at the thermometer outside the garage window, it read 31 degrees.
 This is exactly what my dogs have been waiting for, a cool sunny day to play outside. Bailey treated Monkey to a trip outside.

 I usually grab Monkey at the door and put him in a safe place to wait for Bailey. When we come back in she immediately checks for Monkey. Today I decided to let her take her friend out to play.

 We had some chases and run arounds. There was some ball throwing, but mainly the dogs found things to amuse themselves and relaxed in the yard with us.

 Bailey may have been thinking she could find something more interesting to do if she'd left Monkey inside.

 Morgan found a tennis ball to peel. She can accomplish it in just a few minutes. We don't have many tennis balls left due to her peeling expertise.

 Finally, Bailey found a good spot to settle in with Monkey. From here she could watch the entire yard. She's very devoted to her little friend.

It's certainly nice to be able to spend time outside without the extreme heat. Everybody seems relaxed and happy today.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

We're 4

Today is a big day at our house. The pups are four years old today.
As you all know my dogs are party animals, so of course we're having a birthday bash.

 Gracie sent her brothers and sisters a plate of liver brownies. Yum!!! They're going to be desert tonight after dinner. Gracie's Mom is having a party tonight with humans coming to the house and bringing presents for the birthday girl. Gib, who lives in Oklahoma is partying with his two teenage human siblings.

Dad bought a package of cupcakes for the party. Aren't they pretty?

Here they are enjoying our cupcakes. They sort of forgot their manners in the excitement of the moment.

 Here are my babies as they were four years ago and as they look today.





 Norma Jean
 Happy Birthday to my pups.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday At Home

We're having strange weather here again. It's very warm during the day, thought the nights cool off nicely. 

Our rose bush didn't do anything all summer, but now that it's almost November it has remembered that it's supposed to bloom. We needed to get a picture today because tomorrow we're supposed to have 60 mph winds and rain.
Mom isn't happy about that because tomorrow is a big birthday around here and last year it rained on our birthday. We had to have our party in the house and Mom says we get too rowdy when we party. She was planning our party for outside but looks like we'll be enjoying our cupcakes on the furniture again.

We're getting pretty excited about the party so we had a good run around today. Even Tsar got involved. 

 Then when we were all tired out, we settled down to chew some sticks. Morgan is our littlest dog, but she finds the biggest sticks.