Sunday, May 31, 2009

Please Join Us

Calling all our doggy friends in all lands, don't forget Blue Bandana Day!!

On June 10 we're going to post pictures of our friends wearing blue bandanas. Please join us.

Have your person take a picture of you wearing something blue tied around your neck. If you don't have a bandana, use a dish towel or a scarf or anything blue.

E-mail your picture to our Mom. The address is in her profile here on the blog.

On June 10 she'll post everyone's pictures. We already have some and they look great.

Mom was hoping to send out bandanas to everyone, but when she saw the price of the postage, she felt faint. So help her out by finding something blue to use.

We want to show off all our handsome and beautiful doggy friends. So don't forget, take your pictures soon.

Friday, May 29, 2009

End Of The Week

Here it is Friday already. As usual I didn't get to half the things I had planned to do this week. The days just fly by. Here is a wrap up of what did get accomplished.

First I had a report today from All Creatures on the little dog that was hit by a car. On Wednesday they were hopeful. She was able to move her head a little, but on Thursday she had a set back and the owner, with the advice of Dr B decided to have her put down. Her injuries were just too great. She had internal injuries, including the one to her spine and a pretty bad cut on her leg. She was a five year old Jack Russel and the impact was too much for her little body. Her companion has not been located yet.

This is a cross stitch pillow I designed. I saw a similar design in a magazine and so I pulled out the graph paper and started drawing. It was fun to design and even more fun to stitch. I backed it with a tiny black and white print.

When we moved here ten years ago the back trellis was covered with Clematis. I think there were four different varieties. Some of the plants are still going, though they aren't producing as many or as large flowers as they used to. I think next year we may dig them up and replace them with some strong new plants. Still they are pretty right now.

If you're wondering what the dogs are up to today, here they are.

Sky was a bad boy and brought this inside toy out with him. He likes to try to sneak things past me at the door. There's usually so much confusion going through the door that he stands a pretty good chance of smuggling something past me.

Lola saw what he had and took it away from him. I has to grab it from her and put it back inside. You can see some of the stuffing on the ground. She would have destroyed it or hidden it.

Rob got a chance between storms to cut the grass. Because it was wet, we have clumps of grass all over the place. The dogs love to roll in the clumps of wet grass. Here's Tess enjoying one of her favorite things.

Noah saw what Tess was doing and went over to check it out.

Oh boy, grass clumps. What fun.

I don't know why, but this is pure joy for these dogs.

As you can imagine, they wind up smelling like wet grass and looking sort of greenish and grassy.

Bailey thinks she looks fine with bits of grass all over her face.

We wish you all a warm, sunny, 'roll in the grass' weekend.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

More Water Fun

This should say 'Area Patrolled by Wet Portuguese Water Dogs'.

It has rained every day for about five or six days. What do my dogs want to do when the sun comes out? Play in the water, of course.

Samba is most excited by the hose. She loves to walk face first into the stream of water.

We have to keep telling her to wait so we can fill the pool.

She's waited as long as she can.

Everybody into the pool!

Noah wants to play, too.

You might ask " Where is Tsar while all this is going on?" He's hiding out in the garden hoping no one splashes him. Snow is his thing, not water.

When it's over this is the only way to get them out of the pool.

Do we have to stop? Can't you fill it again?

In case you wondered, this is what a wet PWD looks like.

And this.

How do we dry them? First they take a walk around the yard.

Then they finish off with a roll in the grass.

This takes care of a lot of the water. I have towels in the garage in case we need them, but with a single coat they actually dry pretty quickly.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

So Sorry

Rob and I took a late lunch today and went to Ziggies to see what Brendan had cooked up. On the way home the car in front of us swerved and we saw something lying in the street. As we got closer it was a dog. It had been hit by a car but was still alive. Rob put on the flashers and jumped out to see if he could help it. I ran to the back of the car to get a blanket. We had taken all the blankets out of the car last week when we had it serviced.

Two teenage girls were walking home from school and came over to help. One directed traffic around us and the other took off her jacket and we slid the dog onto the jacket and carried it to the car. It was a female Jack Russel Terrier and appeared to be badly hurt.

We drove to All Creatures, about a block and a half away, and I went in and told them we had a hit and run victim in the car. They went into action. One tech ran out to the car to carry the dog in. One went to pull Dr B out of an exam room to look at the dog. The dog had a collar but I hadn't noticed if there were tags. They said they would scan for a microchip.

A few minutes later Dr B came out. The dog had no tags and no chip. It was badly injured with probable spinal damage. He was giving it something for shock and pain and was having someone call the Humane Society to see if anyone had reported the dog missing. He told me that in 80% of this type of injury the dog doesn't make it even with extensive surgery. If the Humane Society had no record of anyone looking for the dog they would probably recommend euthanasia and he would handle it.

Rob and I both felt so bad. We had hoped that it was something minor that could be treated. We only hope that if one of our dogs was in trouble someone would stop and help it.

UPDATE: I just received a call from All Creatures and the owner was located. The dog is being transferred to the Emergency Clinic and it sounds like the owner is going to try to save it. Apparently her two JRTs escaped from their back yard and the one was injured. I saw the other one standing in a nearby yard uninjured and gave the owner the info that I had. Let's hope there is a happy ending afterall.

We Could Learn A Thing Or Two

It seems as if the human race is becoming more polarized by the day. Different ethnic groups are supposed to hate each other as are different religious or political groups. We can't seem to see past these minor man made differences to see that we are all people with the same hopes and dreams and that by working together we might actually achieve them more easily.

The animal world, which we like to put down as being inferior to humans, seems to be making progress in caring about their neighbors in need.

This Pit Bull adopted a litter of orphan kittens.

This Papillon mom accepted an orphan squirrel and raised it with her pups.

This little Doxie is cuddling with a baby tiger.

No words necessary.

This goat is nursing a young horse.

A Border Collie is helping to care for a pair of Tiger cubs.

This has to be one of my very favorites. This baby Hippo orphaned by the tsunami in Indonesia was given comfort by a tortoise.

A Rabbit caring for her adopted kittens.

A caring Mom with her litter of kittens.

This is probably the strangest one I've come across, but lovely. This dove is taking care of a litter of baby rabbits.

I think we, as a species, could learn some things about care and respect from the other creatures with whom we share the planet .

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Look what we have to play with today. I bought several pieces of agility equipment for the dogs even though I don't really have any intention of doing agility at a competition level. I just wanted them to have them to play with. Rob got out the tunnel for them and they showed a lot of interest in this strange contraption.

Norma Jean seemed to be showing it to me.

We just stood there giving them encouragement. We wanted to see what their reaction would be.
Morgan decided to go thru it.

Tess watches one of her sisters go thru. Tess didn't want to go inside it even though she was very curious about it. Maybe next time she'll try it.

I think this is Samba.

Samba coming out the other end.

Norma Jean ran thru several times, then started backing up thru the tunnel. She did the same thing about a year ago when we showed it to her. I guess she wants to see where she's been. She goes all the way thru backwards.

Bailey ran thu. Her sister Lola, however, thought it was great fun to run at the side of the tunnel and head butt it causing it to roll down the hill. One time it rolled down with Bailey inside. They both seemed to think that was great fun. We need to stake it down next time.

I think this is Noah going in.

Of course Fudge had to get on the action.

Sky says, Watch me, Ill show you how it's done.

You enter like this.

You saunter thru like this. No hurry.

There, you see how easy that was? What's the big deal?