Friday, November 29, 2019

What Does Obsession Look Like ?

When my boys died in the Spring, I became depressed. My girls are all pretty independent but my boys were my babies. They followed me everywhere and climbed on my lap and I miss them terribly. I knew I had to stay busy or I'd lose it so I picked up my knitting needles and a ball of yarn and got busy. It turned into an obsession. As soon as I finished one thing I started another. Want proof?
Those are only some of the items I made. I also made this couple who went to live with a friend.
I made a whole kennel of mini dogs.
My most recent pieces are these two, Oisin the Reindeer and his little girlfriend. I finished her last night.
This one is my favorite. I call him Boy. I started him the same week that Sebastian and Noah died. I incorporated their colors into him. His sad little face makes me cry but I adore him.
Now I'm ready to start another creature. I'm not sure yet what it will be, but I'm picturing a frog fairy.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Senior citizens?

Remember this?

This was the day Rob surprised me with two sweet little spotty pups.

Can you believe that those pups are seven years old today? They are officially senior citizens. It's been a rocky seven years. Aside from all the issues with the older dogs, Mackey and Sydney have given me a good amount of gray hair.

Mackey is a sweet little dog but she's suspicious of everything. If you call her, she'll come see what you want but don't expect her to come close. She only wants to be touched at bedtime when she demands a bellyrub. Mack doesn't sit on your lap or cuddle.
Mackey likes to destroy toys and relieve them of their squeakers as quickly as possible. She loves to bark at anything that moves or anything she imagines moving.

Mackey also suffers with seizures. They last 12 to 15 minutes and are really frightening. She has become aware of when a seizure is coming on and tells me. I have learned to recognize her signal and we've managed to get her some valium in time to ward the seizure off. It's been several months since she's had to go thru one.

Then there's Sydney. She's the total opposite of her sister. Syd loves to cuddle and sleep on a lap. She would love to be an only dog for someone who could hold her all day.
Syd doesn't care about toys or treats. She's a hunter. Every day she patrols the yard to look for prey. She's caught squirrels and rabbits, birds, mice and lizards. But her favorite are moles. She's caught a couple dozen moles.

Unfortunately, Syd is crazy. With absolutely no notice, she will attack another dog. The other dog can be sleeping or walking along totally unaware of Syd's presence. Suddenly Syd attacks and has to be pried away. She hurt Norma Jean badly.

Sydney now lives in the garage and back yard and is allowed no contact with the others. She takes Prozac daily and seems quite happy with her isolation. It makes me sad but the only alternative is euthanasia.

So today the girls will have a special dinner and lots of attention. Then we'll face whatever the future holds for them.
 The girls got new cars for their birthday.
 Mackey claimed them both.
Happy birthday, girls.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

A Dilemma

 She's lovely and successful.
She's a dancer with the world renowned Safari Ballet.
Should she accept the handsome and fabulously wealthy Lion King who has asked for her hoof in marriage?
Or, should she run off to sail the high seas with her true love Captain Horatio Hippo?

Our Mom has gone off the deep end. Send help!  Mackey