Sunday, July 25, 2010

Party Day

Today is a special day. It's our Dad's birthday.

Last night Mom made a cake, but she said we can't have any because it's chocolate. Then she wrapped some boxes, but she said we can't rip them apart. What kind of a boring party is that?

But today things started looking up. Mom took some of these out of the freezer.

Dad opened up ten of them.

Then he loaded them all in this basket and came outside where we were waiting patiently, except for Bailey who was pounding on the door.

We all followed him into the shade.

We all wanted to be first.

Dad had to remind us about manners. Who cares about manners when there's ice cream in that basket?

Finally he started handing out the ice cream cups.

Morgan and Tsar were first because they're old.

Oh oh, Tsar's landed upside down.

He just flipped it over and started licking.

Lola sure loves her ice cream.

Tsar is a very slow eater, so he laid down and got comfortable.

Usually nobody gets this close to Tsar, but if we're eating ice cream, nobody even notices.

Morgan had her cup sunk in the dirt so it didn't move around.

Norma Jean ran around and acted silly for a while, then got started on her treat.

Tess was one of the first ones done and asked Dad if there were any extras, but he said no.

Boy, this is the life, relaxing in the shade with your very own cup of ice cream.

Samba is eating as fast as she can.

Noah is one of the slower eaters.

Mine is almost gone.

Bailey and Tsar are still working on theirs.

This is about the quietest I've ever seen Norma Jean.

Samba ate the ice cream, then she ate the cup.

Guess who the last two were? Next to last was Noah.

Last one finished was Tsar. We were all kicking grass on him trying to get him to hurry up. We didn't like standing around watching him eat.

Mom collected the empty cups when we were done.

Then we went inside where Dad read some cards. That was pretty boring.

Then he opened those boxes. He let us tear up the wrapping paper. That's the best part.

We gave him a book.

Mom gave him a new collar.

Look, his new collar has Portuguese Water Dogs on it. Now he can dress like us when he goes to work.

Then Mom cut the cake. Dad said it was good, but I'll bet it wasn't as good as out Frosty Paws. We wish you could all come to the party and have Frosty Paws ice cream with us. Maybe next time.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Look, A Contest !!!

One of the first blogs I followed when I began blogging was Rachael Rabbit. I was so impressed with her talent that it took a while for me to work up the courage to leave a comment.

At first, of course, I was attracted by her soft toys.

I collect soft toys and I love making them, so her blog was a joy to browse thru and gather inspiration.

She knits and crochets, but she also creates masterpieces on the sewing machine.

Look at this beautiful quilt she did for a babies room. It's based on the book 'The Little Engine That Could'. I am so impressed with this piece!

Besides baby stuff like this little blanket, she does clothes and accessories. This girl can do it all. But for the past year she only blogged now and then and though she continued to do some crafting, her production was down. There's a good reason for that.

This baby bunny has been keeping her pretty busy.

But Rachael Rabbit is back and she has a contest running on her blog.

Remember these stackable cats?

I knit these last year for my niece.

They were soon joined by this pile of pups.

They became a raffle prize at a dog show.

My next project from the same designer will be these hanging bats. Aren't they cute. They will stay here with me.

I love her designs so much that I'm planning on knitting the tub of bubbles after the bats. Who is this designer? Her name is Anna Hrachovec and her designs called Mochi Mochi are found here. She has a new book out with some new designs.

If you would like to win a copy of this book that has instructions for 20 cute little creatures, just pay a visit to Rachael Rabbit and leave a comment on which Mochi Mochi design you like best. It's that easy.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Special Friend's Special Day

Today is a special day. Do you know what it is?

It's National Monkey Day.

This is Bailey's monkey. He may look a little beat up to you, but he is much loved by Bailey.

Every time she goes outside, she takes Monkey along with her.

She watches what the others are doing and she participates in their games, but Monkey goes too.

Monkey enjoys a good chase around the yard.

Sometimes Monkey gets to rest in the shade.

If Bailey is busy doing something important, Tsar watches Monkey for her. That's what big brothers are for.

When I call them to come in, Bailey brings her pal back inside.

Bailey isn't the only dog to have a monkey for a friend.

Happy Monkey Day to all of you.