Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Spring Come Back !

 Monday was a lovely Spring day, warm and sunny.

Syd and Mackey spent most of the day searching for lizards.

Tuesday when Mackey and I went out to feed the birds, we saw this.
It continued all day. We wound up with about 2 inches.
My crabapple trees looked like this.
Today we're back to sweatshirts and the dogs don't want to stay out. It's cold but sunny. Most of the snow is gone.
Wonder what tomorrow will bring. The weather dude says thunderstorms, then into the 80s. Weird!

Sunday, April 18, 2021


Isn't it nice to have choices? Sometimes the choices are easy, but today I'm presenting some more difficult choices. First up is the choice of favorite season. 

My favorite is Spring. I love seeing all the trees in bloom. I don't even mind the runny eyes and sneezing that go along with the blooms.

Next choice is which Spring bloom is the prettiest? Here are the choices: Cherry blossoms

Plum blossoms
Crabapple  blossoms

I love them all , but our Crabapples are glorious this year.
Next up, some of the spring flowers in the yard. Periwinkle
Bleeding Heart
Whatever these are
I'm very partial to violets any time of year.

Now on to another topic of choices. Breakfast. What are your favorite breakfast choices? I usually have coffee before I can even think about food. I think my brain works on caffeine and needs it's first dose before any thought process can take place. The choices here are between warm homemade banana bread straight from the oven or scrambled eggs with asparagus.  Here are the answers. I had warm banana bread with my second cup of coffee.

The scrambled eggs with asparagus were for my little pal Rocket J, the raccoon. I put it in the feeder along with his nightly kibble and he loved it. I enjoyed watching him shovel the eggs into his mouth.
Okay, I know I'm spoiling him, but I can't help myself. He comes by every night to see what I've put out for him and the only thing he leaves behind are green veggies.

The final choice today is which flavor do you prefer? Licorice



The answer is I love them all and have a hard time choosing but maybe in this case I'll choose Rootbeer.

Thought I was talking about candy, didn't you?
Have a great week and don't forget to hug your dog.

Sunday, April 4, 2021

Biscuit Hunt

In 1997 we had three dogs, Pylon, Bentley and Lucy. That year we had our first Easter Biscuit Hunt. We hid biscuits around our living room, then let the dogs in. We were amazed how quickly they figured out what to do. They checked every corner, under every chair and anywhere else a biscuit could be hiding. We just stood there laughing. It was fun for everyone. Every year since then we've held our annual hunt with an ever changing pack. It's always fun.

This year I was tempted to skip it because we have only the two hound girls, but I decided to give them a chance. Syd and Mack waited impatiently in the garage while Rob and I hid biscuits around the yard. Some were in plain view and some had to be searched for.

Then Rob released the hounds.
The minute they exited the garage their noses lifted into the air and they started hunting. They found the easy ones quickly. Then the real fun began.

A quick break to roll from sheer happiness.
Back to the hunt.

They didn't find them all because they were distracted by a lizard sunning himself.  Syd scored the first lizard of the year. She usually gets three or four per year. Mackey has only ever caught one. Syd plays with them like a cat, batting them around. At least she doesn't swallow them alive as Morgan used to do.

The hunt was fun for the girls but it was bittersweet for me. I kept thinking of past years with my big, lively pack chasing around the yard scarfing up biscuits as they went. I miss my furbabies.

Happy Easter everyone.

Thursday, April 1, 2021


 I'm vaccinated!! It feels great, such a weight off the shoulders. I was told that the side effects could be worse from the second shot, so I was prepared. The only side effect I had was last evening I started feeling cold. I put on two shirts and wrapped up in a blanket but I still felt cold. Just to be safe I took my temperature. It was 95.2. That isn't really as bad as it sounds because my normal temp is 96.5, but still I was feeling cold inside and out. I went to bed with extra blankets, slept great and feel good today. I'm not sure why my temperature drops occasionally, last month it was 94.7 and once it dropped to 92.8. Rob says it's because I'm part reptile.

We're still doing puzzles, much to Mackey's dismay. She really wants to help. This one was really hard because of the colors.

It's called Mother Earth and there are lots of animals hidden in it.

I'm dragging my knitting needles out tonight.  I haven't decided what I'll make next, but I'll let you know.