Monday, March 28, 2016

The Hunt Is On!

Today it's warm and sunny, perfect weather for a biscuit hunt. Because Syd doesn't play well with others, we let her have a private hunt first.
Actually it was more of a fetch than a hunt. Rob tossed some biscuits and Syd chased after them, brought them back and ate them.
 Then we put Syd in her crate and Rob and I "hid" the biscuits. Some were in plain sight along the path or under the trees.
 Some were a little tougher, on top of the tower and stuck along the bricks. Some we just tossed down the hill in the grass.
 Then it was hunt time. I've had dogs all my life and they still continue to amaze me. Ordinarily if I'm standing outside and Rob lets them out, they congregate around me waiting for me to give them instructions. Not today. Today they came racing out and immediately started searching for treats.
Some searched in groups and some went off to search alone.
 Tess was useless at this for years. We had to lead her to the biscuit and point it out to her. Sometimes we had to pick it up and hand it to her. Now she's a pro and probably scarfed up more biscuits than anyone else.
Mackey has a good little hound nose and found her share of the treats. She was the one who jumped onto the roof of the tower to claim the ones there.
 She even stopped to tell Rob how much fun she was having.
 Poor Sebastian is a little too slow for this game. He followed the others but they snatched biscuits up before he could get to them. I redirected him to a different area and he was able to find two for himself before the rest of the pack came charging into the space.
 It was a beautiful day for a biscuit hunt and everyone agreed that it was major fun. There was not a single growl or disagreement. Everyone knows the rules, if someone else gets there first, keep going and find another one. Now there are nine satisfied dogs resting till dinner time.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Don't Chase The Easter Bunny

Hi Bloggers,
Our big Easter biscuit hunt has been postponed because of rain. The crazy Water Dogs wouldn't mind splashing around in the yard looking for treats while getting soaked, but Mom and I don't find it pleasant. We'll do it on the first sunny day this week. So for now, I'm just relaxing here with the big duck.
 We had an unfortunate incident last night when Mom and Dad took Mackey and me into the front yard for last call. There was a bunny sitting in the yard near the tree. I saw it first, but Mackey has a big mouth and starting barking and tried to chase it. She was on a leash so she didn't get far. The bunny took off hopping up the street, then into a neighbor's yard. I'm afraid it was the Easter Bunny because this morning there was no basket full of chocolates for Mom. Does this look like a face to be afraid of? Of course since that picture, she's grown into a squirrel and bunny obsessed barking machine.

It's kind of a bummer of a day all round, no biscuit hunt, no chocolates. Might as well just nap out.
Hope you're all having a fun and sunny day.
 Your buddy, Sebastian

Saturday, March 26, 2016

A Wonderful Weekend

Early this morning we knew it was going to be a wonderful weekend. Want to know how we knew? This is what the driveway looked like. After delivering that big box of toys and treats yesterday, the big truck man came back this morning and left all these boxes.
Besides that, Mom has been playing in the kitchen. Last night she made this for her and Dad. It's chicken and broccoli and noodles and cheese. Guess what we had for dinner. We had our kibble and on top Mom put chicken and broccoli and cheese. Yep, we had a special dinner just like the peeps. We all loved it except for Mackey and Sebastian who didn't eat their broccoli. Don't worry, it didn't go to waste. Norma Jean and Lola cleaned it up. Not much goes to waste around here.
 That's not all. Mom also made cookies. No, they weren't dog cookies, these were for peeps, but in the oatmeal cookies she used cranberries instead of raisins so that we could taste them. She also made chocolate chip cookies but we couldn't try those.
 Today Mom went for a walk around the yard with us. She was looking for signs of Spring and we found some.
  The cherry tree is beautiful.

 The crabapple trees are getting ready to flower.
 The wild violets have buds waiting to open.
  The bleeding heart  and climbing rose don't have any flowers yet but they're nice and green.
 And inside our dining room, the Christmas cactus is showing that it's more of a General Holiday Cactus.

 And of course our friends Stanley, Calder and Norris are singing along with the outside birds to keep the house cheerful.

 We're looking forward to our annual Easter biscuit hunt tomorrow. Guess I'll go take a nap and get rested up for the competition but before I go, today is Epilepsy Awareness Day. Check out Five Sibes Blog for lots of info about this awful condition. Our little Mackey has had two seizures now and we're trying to learn all we can to keep her safe.

 Your friend, Fudge


Friday, March 25, 2016

Celebrating Zeus

Once upon a time, when my puppies were about a year old, I started blogging. I didn't know any other bloggers so many nights I sat at the computer reading blogs and hoping to make contact with others who had similar interests. One night I stumbled across a group called Dogs On Thursday. It was a group of bloggers who did their own thing thru the week, but on Thursdays they blogged about their dogs. Perfect!

Shortly after I joined the group, they held a "Summer Fun" mystery swap. I joined in and the person I was to send gifts to was the Lapdogs. I didn't know them so I started reading their blog from the beginning and pretty soon I had an idea of who they were. I learned about each of the dogs, Zeus, Tut, Lola and Sophie, and I learned about their Mom, who loved them dearly. It didn't hurt that we had some of the same interests, too. We both knit, we both love hockey and we're both crazy about dogs.
 Over the years we've kept in touch and check in with each other almost weekly and sometimes daily. We've laughed together and cried together and tried to support each other when needed. Our packs have changed over the years. Some of our beloved pups have crossed the bridge and new little members have joined. We've shared the changes. I think that's called friendship.
 Last year big, gentle Zeus, leader of the Lapdogs had to cross the bridge. I picture him hanging out with Thor and Phantom and Bart and my Tsar and sending little messages our way now and then. This year, to celebrate Zeus's birthday, his Mom got together with our friends at Chewy and put together a box of some of his very favorite items. Then there was a big giveaway on the Lapdog blog. A couple days ago I was notified that we won.

This morning the box arrived and there was  much excitement at our house. My dogs tell me that this is the most delicious smelling Chewy box to ever be delivered.
 We went onto the porch and opened it. Wow!!! Look what was inside.
 The Zukes Hip Action treats with glucosamine will go to my three that have arthritis, Fudge, Bailey and Tess. Everyone else will share in the rest.
Fudge has already claimed the moose and  I know Sebastian wants the lobster and deserves it.
 What a happy way to celebrate a special guy on his birthday.
Thank you to the Lapdogs and their Mom and to Chewy for making my kids so very happy.