Friday, September 2, 2022

Nature Friday

 Today Mackey and I are joining in on the Friday nature walk. We aren't going far, just around the yard. We're been experiencing a severe drought so we have a shortage of flowers and the trees have taken a big hit, too. But we had some rain last week and again on Monday so a few flowers are showing off. Mackey says she's ready to get started.

The plum tree in the front yard is really struggling but it managed to put out some pretty plums for the wildlife to enjoy
In the side yard we have two Crepe Myrtle. The white one usually does nicely.
This is the most flowers the pink one has ever produced.

There isn't much in the back yard this summer, but the Rose of Sharon is in bloom.
Rob's climbing rose has produced some lovely blooms this year.                                                         

Now Mackey and I are going back into the air conditioning. Have a great Friday, everyone.