Friday, May 25, 2012

Bring On The Weekend

It's a big weekend coming up and it's going to be a really hot one around here. The weather dude says it'll be in the nineties, so we'll be in the house.
Several people have asked about the girls, so here's the latest. Lola's foot is fine. The swelling went down the day before she finished her antibiotic. There was a little cut or bite and it formed a scab. Once the scab fell off I took her cone off and she never even looked at her foot. She's running with the rest of the pack and is feeing fine.
Morgan is doing well. We started her on a special supplement for her liver disease. It's called Denamarin and is a combination of SAMe and Silymarin (milk thistle). She has to take it at least an hour before eating, so I give it to her about six AM, then go back to bed for an hour. She's acting a little more alert since starting it. In a couple months we'll have more blood tests to see if it's helping.

As for her eyes, the doctor says she's almost blind, but don't tell her that. She saw a rabbit in the yard and chased it, though she didn't run, just strolled toward it. She likes to stand on the deck and watch the neighbors and sometimes barks at them, so she can see at least a little.
With my large pack, there's always something happening. Yesterday after breakfast we noticed streaks of blood on the floor. Rob wiped it up while I examined dog feet. I didn't see anything. Then I noticed that as Samba wagged her tail, blood was flying around. We took her into the laundryroom and examined the tail.

 If you remember, a few months ago she injured the end of her tail and scar tissue formed leaving a big lump toward the end of the tail. She loves to beat her tail against things like doors and furniture, the filing cabinet is a favorite. I think she likes the noise. This time she cut open the lump of scar tissue, so now she has a bright pink tail.
We're planning a quiet weekend at home, but with our pack a quiet weekend can turn into a crazy one very easily. Don't forget to take your Bandana Day photos. This weekend would be a great time to do it.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Grounds Keepers

This morning Rob trimmed the big trees in the back yard.
Look, Dad cut the trees. 
He needs our help.
Everybody grab a piece.
Norma Jean was the boss on the job.
Lola waded right in.

Tess is a good worker.
Even Morgan came out to help.
Samba likes a real challenge.
Noah was ready to help.
Sky put his ball in a safe spot and got busy with the others.
Even Fudge pitched in.

Where was Bailey?
They all (except Bailey) worked hard and were tired. They were ready to come inside and rest.

There's enough to keep them busy for a long time, but they don't mind.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Let's Do It Again

Hi Everybody, it's me Fudge.
It's almost the end of May and several of our friends  have asked us about Bandana Day. For our new friends I'll explain. For the past three years we've celebrated Portugal Day on June 10th by dressing up with pretty bandanas or whatever else was available. 
The first year we wore blue. 

The second year we wore red.

The third year we wore green. 

All our friends dressed up in those colors and sent their pictures to us, then Mom posted everybody wearing their special colors and we got to meet lots f new friends.
This year Mom was feeling kind of sad so she wasn't going to do Bandana Day, but we changed her mind. We had a big meeting last night about it and decided it should be 'Wear Your Favorite Color Bandana Day'.

So here's what you do.
1. Dress up in your favorite color or whatever color you have handy. You can wear anything, it doesn't have to be a bandana. It can be a jacket or a hat or wrap up in a blanket of you want.

2. Have your human take your picture.

3. Send the picture to us at
    Include your name and where you live, State or Country.

On June 10th come look at our blog and see all the pretty pictures and go visit and make new friends.

We all look forward to seeing what colors you choose. We'll be like a rainbow. 

Mom says to tell you that everybody is invited to play including cats and birds and horses and cows or whatever.

Send in those pictures soon so Mom doesn't have to stay up all night posting them the night before the tenth.
Your pal, Fudge

Monday, May 21, 2012

Splish Splash

We have wonderful neighbors. They share a private street with us and our back yard and their side yard are side by side. We get together several times a year for dinner and they went out with us on our 25th anniversary. At the beginning of the month they put their house up for sale. It was one of the things that contributed to my depression. Not only would I miss them, but I was worried about who might move in. What if they didn't like dogs? These days people who dislike dogs can make a lot of trouble for dog owners and though we try to keep our pack quiet, they are dogs and they do bark. Then there are our group howls.

Their house sold in two weeks and it wasn't till yesterday that I learned that a couple with a dog bought it. So maybe it won't be so bad.

Anyway, that was a long way of telling you about the fountain. The neighbors bought the fountain at a garage sale a couple years ago. It lived on their back deck and during a wind storm a few months ago, it fell over and parts were broken. Still I asked for it instead of them throwing it out. It was chipped and dirty, but we found some new parts and gave it a couple coats of paint and now it lives on our deck.

We finally filled it yesterday and got it running.
What would the dogs think? I've always wanted a fountain in the front hallway, but with water dogs we felt it might not work. They might think it was an indoor swimming pool.

Here they come.

 Look at the new drinking bowl.

Noah likes to have the water splash into his mouth.
Morgan stands under it and gets a shower.
Bailey and Norma Jean were the most enthusiastic drinkers.

As expected, Norma Jean got the wettest.
This should be fun this summer.