Thursday, June 28, 2012

Busy Times In Blogville

Hi everybody,

It's very hot here where we live. We call these the 'dog days of summer', but not because it's hot, because there's so much stuff going on in Blogville. And just like everywhere else, some of it's good stuff and some of it isn't. I want to tell you about some of the stuff we're doing.

First the not so good stuff.  Mom told us this morning that our friend Tara has gone across the bridge. Tara had cancer and her Mom tried hard to fix it, but we all know that doesn't always work and sometimes we have to say goodbye. 
Last week Sam lost his battle with cancer, too
We know that Tara and Sam are in good company today because the greeting committee at the bridge includes some great dogs like Thor,
and Maggie,

and of course, Tsar.

They'll take good care of Tara and Sam.

We also have some friends who aren't feeling too well and their humans are worried about them.
There's Maddie, who is also going thru chemo.
And there's Zona who just had surgery for her ACL. Morgan especially sends her best on that one.
We want to include Dexter, too. He 's having some leg problems and is going to go bonkers if he can't play with his tennis ball pretty soon.
We wish you all speedy recoveries.

We're all very worried here about the animals and their humans who live in the areas now experiencing wildfires.
These are scary times for everyone living in the hot, dry regions, which is most of the country. Our Mom keeps a close eye on the woods behind our house. There are lots of good people trying to help and that includes help for the animals.

Ok, before you start thinking that it's all gloom and doom in Blogville, there's good news, too.

Welcome to Molly. She came to keep Mitch company and he's trying to teach her to be a lady. It's hard work being a puppy.
There's some other good news, too. This is Gracie. 

She's one of my puppies and when she was eleven months old, she went to live with Splash and his mom J.
Gracie was very happy because Splash and J live at the lake and she got to go swimming a lot. But guess what!
This very month J married T and now they're a big family and that means that Runtly is now their real sister.
Now poor Splash has two sisters, so he knows how I feel with all these doggy girls around. But he and Gracie are  very happy except that Runtley is kind of bossy for such a little thing. Congratulations to all five of you.

Here at home Morgan is getting around a lot better and Samba promised that if Mom took the cone off she wouldn't chew on her foot. Mom did and so far Samba has kept her promise.
We're all getting in shape for the big games coming up later in the summer.

We're planning to be in lots of events. It's too hot to practice outside so we're doing it in the house. Yesterday Sky was doing indoor zoomies till he ran into a door. We've been destuffing and chewing, but Mom says we CAN NOT practice synchronized peeing in the house.  What a meanie! How's a guy to win if he can't practice?

So to all of you, stay healthy, stay cool and be safe.
Your pal, Fudge

Sunday, June 24, 2012


What does this lonely little sailboat need?

by Meish Goldish

Take me out to the ocean,
Take me out to the sea,
Show me the foamy waves rolling there,
As I breathe in the salty sea air!

Let me look, look, look at the ocean,
See the sea and explore,
For it's fun to dive from the top
To the ocean floor!

Take me out to the ocean,
Take me out to the sea.
Show me the currents and ocean tides,
Let me see where the seaweed resides!

When you look, look, look at the ocean,
Look at all it is worth!
For the ocean covers three-fourths
of the entire earth!

This is what the sailboat needs.

Friday, June 22, 2012

In The Cone Again

In the cone again.
I don't want to be in the cone again.
The life I love is running with my friends.
And here I am back in the cone again.

My apologies to Willie Nelson for the above.

Samba is wearing the cone again. At breakfast yesterday I noticed a red spot on her front foot. On closer examination I found a small growth of some sort. Thinking it might be a bite we called the vet and took her right in.
Dr B was out of the office so we saw a very nice doctor lady instead. She at first thought the thing on Samba's toe looked like a bite, but then decided it was a wart. The real problem was a sore place between her toes. The doctor opened it up expecting to find a grass or other foreign object, but instead it was a cyst. Ouch, imagine a cyst between your toes. No wonder Samba was chewing on it.

The doctor cleaned it out, then told us that it needs to be surgically removed. There's a catch. First it has to fill up again so they can remove the whole thing. She gave us antibiotics and a special spray to keep the toes from itching while we wait for it to fill up. It could be a matter of days or weeks, or with any real luck, maybe it won't fill up again. No, our luck doesn't work that way.

So now we wait and Samba wears the cone in the meantime to prevent ripping her foot apart.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

An Award For Us

Our good buddies Mango and Dexter sent us an award. A lot of you have been getting this award and posting interesting facts about yourselves, so now it's our turn.
Our Mom isn't into answering questions about herself, so she said we can answer the fascinating questions attached to this award.

Question # 1 What is your favorite number?

That's easy, NINE. There are nine of us.

Question # 2 What is your favorite beverage?

Cranberry juice. Bet you weren't expecting that answer, were you? You see when Samba had her kidney infection Dr B said to Mom, "It's too bad dogs won't drink cranberry juice." Ha ha, we showed him. Mom drinks cranberry juice every morning, so she poured some in a bowl and held it for Samba. Samba liked it, so Mom gave some to Morgan too. The rest of us wanted to try it, so the next day she poured a big bowl and we all had some. We all loved it and now we all drink it every morning.

Question # 3  Facebook or Twitter?

Dad does Facebook and Mom has a page but she almost never looks at it. She prefers blogging, so we do, too.
Question # 4 What is your passion?

That's a hard one because we have lots of interests. Sky has a passion for his glowball. Bailey has a passion for her bear and monkey. Samba has a passion for her frisbee. Norma Jean has a passion for swimming. But right now we all have a passion for hunting lizards. Usually Morgan does that, but she's injured so we're all giving her a hand or paw this year. Bailey caught one this morning. Dad tried to get it from her but she swallowed it. I wonder if it wiggled on the way down?

Question # 5 What is your favorite pattern?

We're not sure what you mean by this one, but ours is a circle. You see as soon as Portuguese Water Dogs can walk, they start spinning or running in circles. Mom has a theory as to why we do it, but we all do. Sometimes Mom thinks she's going crazy when we all spin at the same time. Here I am on the way to the door, one of the best times to spin.

Question # 6 What is your favorite day of the week?

Whichever one is a birthday because then we have parties with cupcakes and Frosty Paws.

Question #7 What is your favorite flower?

Mom says that all we have in the yard are weeds, but we think some of them have pretty flowers. Mom can't understand why we leave these alone and eat the ones she plants. It's just a dog thing.

Now we're supposed to send this to ten friends, but a lot of you have already done it, so for any of you who haven't received this award, consider it sent from us and share a few things about yourselves with the rest of us.
Fudge, Morgan and the rest of the Porties

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Fun

Today is the Summer Solstice and that means different things to different folks.

Spring is my favorite season followed by winter. I'm not a fan of really hot weather so I look forward to cool activities. Lying in a hammock.....
Sipping a cool drink............
Enjoying a good read......................

Trips to the ice cream shop.....................

You get the general idea.

My housemates have other ideas, right Fudge?

Yes, we look forward to splashing in the pool...........

rolling in the grass..................

Cool refreshing snacks....................

Rides on the boat....................

Swimming at the lake...................

 Let's get started, Mom.