Saturday, June 11, 2022

Nature Taking Over

It's been a very rainy spring but suddenly our cool wet days have come to an end and HOT, dry weather has started. Our time has been spent responding to the demands of Mother Nature lately. For instance, Rob started off to the grocery store one morning last week. He wasn't even out of the driveway when the 'check engine' light came on. We've only had the car about six months so he went straight to the repair shop. The repairman came back to him in only a few minutes and reported that a squirrel had made a large nest and chewed on some wires. Who would think this little guy could cause so much damage?

Both our front and back yards have become strawberry fields. Wherever you look you see little red berries peeking out. Tsar used to love eating them but now the birds, deer and opossums snack on them.

We're on baby watch around here. Rocket J is showing signs of having some new kits hidden away. As a result, she has an enormous appetite and is turning up around 6:30 each evening, long before dark to dine. She has also shown up in the morning a couple times. We expect her to bring her babes out late this month or maybe next month. She's eating about eight cups of kibble a day plus any leftovers that we add to her bowl.

The opossums were here last month for a few days but have disappeared again. We think they'll be back in the fall after they've raised their families.

I was reading on the porch the other morning when a doe with a brand new fawn wandered by. I didn't have my camera handy but it was a beautiful sight.

We also have a very demanding woodpecker that prefers dog kibble to seeds. If we forget to put any in the feeder, she starts pounding on the gutters. The sound sends us racing outside to feed her. Who's training who?