Saturday, August 6, 2022

A Little Late, But Who Cares

 Last week was National Mutt Day and we celebrated as we're sure all of you did, too. I looked it up and discovered that National Purebred Dog Day was May 1st. Oh oh, we missed it but we think our purebred family members deserve attention, so here's our rather late post.

My Grandmother loved English Cocker Spaniels. Since my Mom and I lived with my grandparents, my dogs were selected by my Grandmother. The first that I clearly remember was Pete. She, yes Pete was a girl, was a sweet little blonde English Cocker. Technically she was my uncle's dog, but I was three years old so everything was mine.
Next came Blondie, another blonde English Cocker. She was my best pal. Since we lived way out in the country, a mile from the nearest neighbor, she was my only playmate. We spent hours exploring and hours cuddling and were never apart.
After Blondie was Boots, a black English Cocker. She had lived with an Army officer who was being sent overseas, so six year old Boots was the first dog that was exclusively mine. She was super sweet.
Next was Cookie, a 15 inch Beagle. She was about three when she came to live with me. I discovered that Beagles are different than Spaniels. Beagles love to chew and never seem to outgrow the habit. It was a learning experience.
After Cookie I had a succession of Mutts till by accident I discovered Portuguese Water Dogs. Bentley was my first. I can't begin to describe how special he was. When he died I knew that I needed another Portie in my life.
That's why Samba came to live with us. Samba was indescribable and my heart hurts even writing this. I'll love and miss that girl forever.

Fudge was a born clown. His mission in life was to make people laugh and he was good at it. 

Samba plus Fudge equals a perfect litter of nine black and white Porties, each with a unique personality.
Tess was shy.
Sky was stubborn and very smart.
Lola was quiet.
Bailey was adventurous.
Noah was the little engine that could.
Norma Jean was born happy and stayed happy for her whole life.
Grace lived at the lake and was born to swim.
Gibb had his own boat on a lake in Oklahoma.
Ocho only lived 26 hours. We wonder what he would have been like had he survived.

I've lived with purebred dogs and I've lived with mutts. All I can say is that I love dogs.