Friday, June 21, 2019

Pool Party

Today is the first day of summer! Can you believe it? This group is heading to the pool.
But of course, we're under a severe storm warning, so I think they'll need to wait for a few days.

In case they need to be rescued, this fellow is ready.
Have a safe summer!

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Life Goes On

We're still here. We just needed some time to grieve. Norma Jean is doing pretty well.
  Lola is clingy. She wants to have Rob or me petting her most of the time.
 Tess had an upset tummy for about a week. I know they're confused and wondering where the boys went. Sebastian, Noah and Tess were good friends who would play tag in the back yard.
About a week ago the girls started sleeping together at night. They haven't done that since they were puppies. My heart hurts for them.

It's been raining here almost every day and Rob has been trying to keep up with the rapidly growing grass. It grows faster than he can mow it down. Other things have been growing that are easier to live with, like the wild roses on the fence.

We have a demanding family of hummingbirds that empty the feeder almost daily. They buzz us and yell at us when we get near the feeder. Silly birds, who do they think fills the feeder for them?
Last night I saw this and immediately thought of my boys on the other side.

We're trying to get used to our new normal and I want to get back into blogging to keep my mind busy. I've been knitting to keep my hands busy and soon I'll show off some of my creations.