Monday, July 30, 2012

Question and Answer

Q:  Sebastian, are you happy living here with us?

 That looks like a smile to me. I take that as a yes.

And The Winners Are......

This is it everybody, the big very important and emotional medal ceremony. We can hardly wait. We've all worked hard and done our best and now all that work will pay off. Thanks to all of you for visiting and cheering us on.
I'll turn the blog over to Mom for the rest of the ceremony.
Today we held the all important medal ceremony and there wasn't a dry eye on the deck. Rob and I were both laughing too hard. It occurred to me yesterday that we needed some sort of medal so I made up a batch of modeling clay and cut out these medals. Rob felt that we needed red, white and blue ribbon so we made a hasty visit to the craft store for ribbon and non-toxic paint. Then when the medals were cool, Rob painted each of them and strung the ribbons.
Once that was taken care of, it was up to me to add up the statistics and see who won. Here are the stats for those of you who like those things.

Samba took part in 15 events
Bailey took part in 14 events
Fudge and Noah each were in 13 events
Morgan was in 12 events
Tess, Sky, Lola and Norma Jean were each in 11 events
Sebastian was in 2 events

We had a walk of champions.

Then they congratulated each other and admired the medals.

Because of all their efforts the judges awarded extra gold medals.

Even dear old Monkey received recognition.
There were a couple of unfortunate incidents. Fudge thought the bone shaped part of the medal was a real cookie and scraped the paint off his medal. Morgan just settled down on the porch and started eating her medal. We managed to save most of it. This was Sebastian's first ceremony with us and you can see that although he happily took part, he wondered what was going on. He probably thinks he wound up in the loony bin.
So now it's off to start training for next year. It never stops.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Our Games - Day 3

Welcome to the final day of sporting events.
Today we're showing some of the games we play that weren't included in the official Blogville Games. We don't know why they weren't included because they're lots of fun. So sit back and get ready to cheer.


The Portie Team plus Monkey

Hot Dogging:
 (no disqualifications for cheating)
Fudge and Samba

Fudge and Samba


Morgan and Sky


Norma Jean
Rock Climbing:



Bailey and Noah



Tug- Singles:



Sky and Fudge

Fudge and Sky
Water Catching:


Norma Jean




Bailey and Lola



Pool Crowding:

Team Portie
Zoomies while carrying a friend:
Bailey and Monkey

Duck Wrestling:


That's it for this year's games, but don't forget to come back tomorrow and watch the touching medal ceremony. I wonder who will get a medal. I hope it's me.
Your pal, Fudge