Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Look What We Can Do

Last summer I saw a cute toy online. It was a doggie water fountain. It attached to a garden hose and when the dog stepped on the plastic box, water shot up into the air. I tried to find one but they sold out almost immediately and I forgot about it. Then at Christmas Rob found one on Amazon and ordered it. We tucked it away waiting for warm weather. Today was the perfect day.
What have you got there, Dad?
What is that thing?

Can we help?
What do you do with this thing?
We attached the hose and set it on the ground. They knew it should do something, but what?
 Guess who figured it out first? Miss Smarty Pants Norma Jean.
See guys, just step on it like this.
Do it again, Norma Jean.
How did you do that?
See, if you stand in it, you can get a good drink.
 Fudge had the idea but was stepping in the wrong place. He'll figure it out soon.
Tess, Noah and Lola are all interested, but they'll need a little more time to work it our for themselves. Meantime, Norma Jean is happy to give them a paw.
 This item did not come with a warning, but I'll give you one. WARNING... you will get wet while introducing this toy. While I was trying to show Fudge where to step, Norma Jean showed him and I got a face full of cold water. Be prepared.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Attention All Peeps!!!

Hey all you peeps out there in the world, we have a very important message for you. Today is Earth Day and that's really important. We dogs all love the Earth. It's our home and think about all the great things it gives us.
We can run and dig and swim and roll and do almost anything on the Earth and you can too.
 It has come to our attention that some peeps aren't taking good care of our Earth and some silly peeps won't even discuss it.
 Come on now, you're supposed to be the smarter species. Ask any dog or cat or bird or other animal and they'll all tell you that Earth is super important and needs the very bestest care we can give it.
 So starting today on Earth's official special day, lets' all work together to keep our Earth happy and healthy and a fun place for us all to live.
 It's the only one we have.
Your pal, Fudge and all the rest of the pack

Monday, April 20, 2015

It's About Time

Fudge tells me that I've waited much too long to post a review of this month's Chewy box. It came a couple weeks ago  when my hand was in a brace and I couldn't handle the camera and a bunch of excited dogs at the same time. The box has been sitting on a stool in the kitchen all that time and the dogs all knew there was something very special inside, so finally yesterday we decided to check it out.
First, as per Chewy's wishes, we want to inform everyone that we received these products for free in exchange for our honest review. We were not coached and the opinions expressed are our very own. Now, on with the good stuff.

Long ago we bought a Furminator for Tsar. It was necessary for that thick Sibe/Chow coat of his. It worked great for pulling out the dead undercoat that he liked to leave around the house.
This month Miss Sydney offered us a new product by Furminator, a reversible brush. There is a pin brush on one side and a bristle brush on the other. This seemed like a good idea since Sebastian is leaving little balls of fluffy hair all over the place  now that spring has arrived.
The orignal Furminator didn't work for the Porties because they're single coated but Sebastian, Sydney and Mac all have double coats and the two little girls shed year round. We took Sebastian and Mac onto the porch to see how the new brush would work for them. Mac is suspicious of anything new so she stood off to one side to see what was going to happen to Sebastian.
Rob brushed Sebastian with the pin brush and he loved it.
 Mac was curious now because Sebastian seemed to be having a good time and she didn't want to miss out on anything.
 Finally Mac wanted to try it, too. Rob used the bristle side on her and she liked it.
 Sebastian wanted more and tried to climb into Rob's lap to get some more brushing. I'm  pretty sure he would have stayed there all day.
 Finally I gathered a few more volunteers to try out the other item in the box. They lined up in anticipation. These received an overwhelming paws up. They were Zukes in duck  flavor. We love Zukes in this house. The dogs love the taste and I love the size, perfect for training. This was the first time we'd tried the duck flavor but that's the best for Noah and Fudge, so everyone was happy.
If you haven't tried Zukes yet, you're missing a wonderful product that you and your dog will both appreciate.
 Sebastian says this was the best Chewy box ever.