Sunday, June 21, 2020


Hi, remember me? I seem to be suffering from writer's block lately. When I sit down at the computer, my mind goes blank. I think this prolonged quarantine is the cause. I heard someone say that time is elastic now and that seems about right. Each day is remarkably similar to the one before.

The fact that my dogs are no longer crazy pups running around getting into trouble is also a cause. It doesn't seem very exciting to post each day that the dogs ate, pooped and slept. Back when they were playing games and looking either adorable or naughty the posts were more interesting.

I'm determined to work thru this lack of interest and keep my blog going. In the meantime this is Father's Day in the US and I wish you all a wonderful day. Here are a father and son that I churned out recently.
We will return!

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Where's Breakfast?

I got up around 6:30 this morning and took the three dogs outside. Then I brought Mackey and Norma Jean back upstairs while I made coffee and turned on the news.
Mackey was confused because I didn't give them breakfast and grabbed each of her squeaky toys and stood on the stairs squeaking to get my attention.

Rob got up around 8 and Mac complained to him but he just sat down with his coffee. She kept pawing at him and whining so he finally offered her a cookie. She wouldn't take it. "I don't want your stupid cookie, I want breakfast."
A little after 9 we left an angry Mackey and confused Norma Jean behind and took Sydney to the vet. Today she was finally getting her stitches removed.

Because Syd isn't exactly the most cooperative dog and the stitches were in her eyelid we expected the vet to sedate her. That's why there was no breakfast this morning.

The tech came out to get Syd but she didn't want to get out of the car. I had to lift her out and walk her to the door. She told us she'd come back out to tell us if we needed to leave her and come back later.

About five minutes later she came back out with a hatless Sydney. It seems that Syd sat still and let Dr B remove the three stitches . I couldn't believe it.
Her eye has healed nicely and you'd never know she recently had surgery.

On the way home I commented that Syd would enjoy being hatless. To prove me correct, she started licking her butt. I guess for a dog, not licking your feet or your butt for two weeks is stressful. The slurping sounds from the back of the car showed that she was catching up.
When we got home Rob fixed breakfast for all three while I went to get a noisy Mackey. Breakfast was a big hit and every drop was consumed.
An hour later Syd was stretched out in comfort on her pile of blankets, Norma Jean was asleep on her back with her feet against the wall and Mackey was snoring and nose whistling on the couch beside me.  All is well again.