Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Number 300

This is post # 300. When I started this blog I didn't know how I'd ever find enough to fill a whole week of posts and here a year and a half later I'm still jabbering away. What's even more amazing to me is that you're reading it.

Today has been a very good day for several reasons. First the weather is beautiful. This time of year is usually hot and humid, but today the temps were nice and the sun was shining and the sky was bright blue.

There are a lot of berries on the Nandina and they'll be turning red soon.

The Pyracantha has already turned. We have hedges of it on two sides of the house and they all have tons of orange berries till the birds discover them.

What does one do with a recently retired husband hanging around underfoot? Give him projects. The first was to finish the library and we're 90 % there. The carpentry is done. We still have some paint touch ups to do and we need to change the carpet. The windowseat has a four inch thick foam cushion and we just bought some chocolate brown fleece to cover it. That will be my job.

The next project Rob found to tackle was building a holding pen in the garage for the dogs. It comes in handy for many reasons.

He finished the pen and we put down lots of pillows and blankets and toys so they like to wander in for a nap or to play.

Then he was on a roll. He made me a feeding station where I can prepare the dogs meals.

There are drawers underneath to store extra collars and grooming equipment.

Next he remembered that I saw a potting table that I liked, so he built one.

It's under the deck steps so it's protected from the weather to some extent.

Today he bought some green paint for the table. Only one dog wound up with green paint on it's face. I find that remarkable.

Morgan's bloodwork came back today and it was a reason to celebrate. Her thyroid and CBC were both perfect and her liver enzymes continue to drop. After having liver disease for so long, she's showing improvement. Dr B was very pleased and I'm thrilled.

To celebrate we took Morgan out to lunch. We went to this place which is a college hangout. They have tables on the front porch and we thought it would be a good place for Morgan to join us. Wrong.

The manager said dogs couldn't even sit on the porch. As far as manners go, I'll put my dogs up against most college kids any day. Oh well, it's their loss. They lost our business and I'll be sure and let some friends know and they won't go there anymore either.

We drove a few blocks farther and decided on this place. They have an outdoor terrace. Rob asked first and they said Morgan was certainly welcome.

This looks more pleasant anyway, don't you agree?

It was a perfect day to eat outside with a gentle breeze and puffy clouds.

Morgan found a good place to lie down under the table. She had her own container of water and shared my burger and fries and the croutons from the salad. The waiter commented on what a good girl she was.

I've just finished feeding the dogs and can go pick up my knitting for awhile. I might even have a finished item to show in the next couple days.


bbes tribe said...

So glad to hear Morgan's tests came back improved. She is a cutie. WOW! Congrats on post #300. We know what you mean. Once we got started we seem to always find something to "write" about.
Ernie & Sasha

Nicki said...

Cool feeding station. Maybe I need a retired husband. Glad to hear about Morgan!

Thor and Jack said...

I´m so glad to hear the news about Morgan! Looks like you had a great celebration with burger and fries;)
Congrats on your 300 posts! Much more to come...


Stella said...

Good news about Morgan, and she looks pleased too. You are most lucky for this talented retiree in your life!

Now, what do you like to knit. Are you a Socknitter? I am.

Stella's Mom Jo

gMarie said...

How rude! I can't believe they wouldn't let Morgan sit on the patio with you. g

soulbrush said...

HAPPY HAPPY 300th.Isn't the bloggy world fantstic, look at all the friends we've made and met and got to know, incredible. I love the feeding station and also the sentence, 'i wanted a potting table, so rob just built me one'...please can i borrow him for a week? what a great hubby you have, and that little morgan, i agree,they lost your business and it's their loss I say...most kids these days don't compare to my snuffles!!!

SissySees said...

Hooray on the bloodwork and the improvements it represents! I'd also like to swap your retired husband for mine who is never home, at least long enough to get a few projects off of my list...

Mugsy LOVED to go to Starbucks. In fact, one friend simply refused to meet if Mugsy wasn't coming along. He was always welcome there and at the Quizno's a few storefronts up the way, as both have outdoor tables. Pooey on that uptight manager, and three cheers for the new spot!

Tee said...

Congratulations on the 300th post! Glad to hear that Morgan's tests came back good.

You're very lucky Sue to have a very talented hardworking husband to make all those things for your convenience!


Martha said...

Many congratulations on 300 posts that is sooooo impressive!
Good news about Morgan - we are happy for you all.
We think you should hang on to that very handy husband - thought the feeding station was very impressive!
Here's to the next 300 posts!!!!!

silfert said...

Morgan, you're welcome on our porch anytime! And I think a certain man deserves cake. French vanilla torte with apricot jam and cheesecake cream...

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

That is wonderful news on Morgan and glad he finally was able to enjoy lunch with you.

Now, Mom wants to know if you will be needing another thinking-about-retiring male to help out at your place? She is worried about this retirement thing that may be happening next year:)

woos, the OP Pack

Molly the Airedale said...

What great news about your tests, Morgan! We're so glad you got to celebrate with your mom and dad on the patio! You deserved it!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Lapdog Creations said...

Wow Morgan - that's pretty spiffy that you got to go out for lunch! :)

Congrast on 300 Sue!

Ruby's Mum said...

Good for you for refusing to go to the place that doesn't allow dogs. How silly! We make a point of frequenting restaurants that allow us to have Ruby there. We should take some pointers from Europe. I once saw a Belgian family taking their dog on one of the (slow) rides at the Fantasialand theme park near Cologne.

Julies Knit Stitch Corner said...

That is good news about Morgans tests. Gosh 300 post do you think I will get that far. Now that is one handy man you have there, the feeding station looks really good. Do you think he will pop over to England I have a few jobs for him. best wishes Julie.C