Sunday, December 13, 2015

Christmas Dinner Preview

Hi Everybody,
It's raining cats and kittens here. It started last night and just keeps coming down harder and harder. It's looked like  night time all day today. We're all feeling a little sad that we can't go outside without getting soaked, so that's why Mom decided to cheer us up with a preview of our Christmas dinner.
You see, last week Miss Sydney at our favorite place, sent a whole big box of this stuff. It's Merrick Venison Holiday Stew. It has venison, which Mom promised is not reindeer meat, red jacket new potatoes, carrots, zucchini, peas and red delicious apples. Doesn't that sound delicious?
 Mom thought we should wait till Christmas to try it, but Dad said we should try it sooner and let you all know how it tastes so you have time to get some for your own Christmas dinner.  Then when the rain started, Mom figured we could use a special treat.
 So tonight we waited outside in the rain while she fixed our meals. Doesn't this look good? It has huge chunks of meat just like the stew Mom makes for her and Dad.
 She spooned it into our kibble.
 Then it was time for the big taste test. She opened the door and all us wet dogs came rushing in to eat. Mom wanted to get good pictures of us eating, but Noah was the only one who sat and waited for the camera to snap.
The rest of us just wanted to dig in.
 That was excellent!! Even Syd got some, though that was a mistake. Mom tries to keep Syd on her own limited diet because she doesn't want her going on strike for better food. But in the spirit of the holidays, Mom forgot and gave Syd a spoonful of stew and she thought it was great. Remember Syd, it's holiday stew, not everyday stew.
If you'd like to try this wonderful stew, just give a call to Chewy and they'll send some right out. Tell them Fudge sent you.
Your pal, Fudge

Chewy sent us a case of Merrick's venison holiday stew at no cost to us in exchange for our honest review. The dogs all loved it and will be happy to have it again soon.


Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

Oh yum! Wish we had that here. We can tell how much you loved it. We're more your dive-in-first-who-needs-photos type of dogs, too. Sorry you have to wait another 11 days to have it again.

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

Mmmmmmmm, smacking our lips here:)

Woos - Ciara and Lightning

My Dog Sam - Ruptured Disk said...

Holy cats Fudge, boy that sure looked good.

Molly the Airedale said...

yummmmmmmmmm - you have our mouth's watering, Fudge!

Love ya lots♥
Mitch and Molly

Lapdog Creations said...

The Lapdogs LOVE Merrick stews... so delish! And their Mama loves that I can clearly identify the meat and veggies in every can!

Marjie said...

Hooray for Noah, posing for his picture. The ingredients sound wonderful, so I'm sure you guys will have a wonderful Christmas dinner.

Two French Bulldogs said...

That stuff is just like a Christmas dinner
Lily & Edward