Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Best Part of the Day (Human View)

The obvious is to say the best part of the day is when they're all asleep. I almost said that. Then I started really giving it some thought and there are so many best parts of the day, that I'll mention a few.

This pathetic creature is 'Pink Pig- Bunny'. The Chinese assembly line must have run amok the day he was created, but Monty loves him. He was Monty's Christmas present a few years ago and Monty carries him around with him all the time. One of my favorite times is when we're heading outside and Monty has Pig-Bunny in his mouth. He knows he can't take it outside so he lets me put it up high where Fudge won't get it. When he comes in, he runs to the spot where Pig-Bunny is waiting and sits and stares at it until Rob or I hand it to him. He looks so happy to be reunited with his toy.

The best part of the day is when I release the pups from their crates in the morning and we have a jumping, spinning stampede to the door. They are so excited to start a new day. How can that enthusiasm not be a best part?

If I go to the mailbox I get a great happy greeting when I return. It doesn't matter if I've been gone five minutes or five hours. They are all so very excited to see me and they bring me toys and treats to show how much they missed me.

When Lucy has a good day. When she's feeling well enough to run around the yard barking like a puppy. That's a best part.

When Norma Jean wraps her front legs around my arm to get a good lick at my face. When Tess leans against me and lifts her leg so I can rub her belly. When Noah faces a new experience and comes to sit beside me for reassurance. When Sky brings his glow-ball to me at last call so we can have just one more game before bed.

The best part of the day is when I come home from anywhere and Samba nibbles my fingers very gently to tell me she's glad I'm home. Bentley used to do that and now four of the pups also do it.

If I get out of bed at night, I come back to find Samba on my pillow waiting for me. She moves to the foot of the bed as soon as I'm back.

When I'm reading or knitting if I look up I'll often catch Tsar watching me. If I smile at him, he'll swish his tail in acknowledgment. That's a best.

Morgan likes to go out to breakfast with us. She races to the car, jumps in the back seat and waits patiently in the driver's seat for us to return. She knows she'll get a piece of bacon or a potato.

All my Portuguese Water Dogs spin, but Fudge has taken it to a new level. He spins so fast that he can't stop without crashing into something. Although this can sometimes be annoying, his sheer happiness is a best part.

Watching my pack of dogs playing together, whether it's running through the grass, splashing in the pool, wrestling in the house, chasing snowballs, it's the best part of the day to see them getting along and enjoying each other's company.

I love when they all line up in the morning to get their pills. Some need pills for various medical conditions. The others get fish oil pills to learn how to take pills easily. It's a lesson that can save their lives some day.

They also line up at certain times to get a treat.

Dogs have a sense of humor. Tsar has a great one. Tsar is very black. At night, in the back yard he is invisible. Only his two red eyes show up. Tsar does not like to come when called. We have a game that he invented. I call him to come in, he doesn't come. I continue to call him and he circles around, comes up behind me and gives me a nudge. I tell him how surprised I am and I can almost see him laughing. We do this almost every night. It's a best part of the day.

Napping with your best friend is the best part of the day.

Then, of course, when the pups are nestled all snug in their crates and big dogs start heading for their sleep spots, that's a best part, too.

All my PWDs sleep on their backs.

Lucy has pillows and baskets in every room of the house.

Fudge rushes to get in his house to get his last cookie of the day.

As Fudge turns over, so does his house.

Sometimes the best part of the day doesn't involve dogs at all. Sometimes it's taking a walk with your human best friend.

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