Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Rainy Days and Mondays

Sometimes it just doesn't pay to get up in the morning. We had rain again over the weekend and so when we had a nice sunny period in the afternoon, the pups chose to eat outdoors. A picnic, of sorts. They're pretty good about staying in their own bowls, something we've worked on. Sky, who just hit the 60 pound mark, eats very fast and used to try to help Noah, who is a very slow eater. I've gotten him to wait for Noah without pushing him away from his food. Of course, when everyone is finished they all check each others bowl out to see if anyone left anything. They never do.

Yesterday, Monday, we woke up to a dark, gloomy, rainy day. At breakfast I checked Sky's eyes. They had been a little red the day before and he had rubbed a lot of hair off his eyelids. I had him on allergy capsules. Now one was bright red, with a little greenish pus in the corner.

As I went to let the big dogs out, Rob said Morgan had goopy eyes. I checked and sure enough, two red eyes with pus in the corners. This was not shaping up to be a good day.

As we were standing outside waiting for everyone to finish up, Fudge came over and rubbed his face on my leg. Oh no, a red irritated eye.

A call to Dr. B and an afternoon appointment for three sets of goopy eyes. By the time we got to the Vet's office, Sky was squinting, so he went first, then Morgan. They both are taking allergy caps and getting drops in their eyes. Fudge has a different problem, a little extra skin in the corner of his left eye keeps the tears from draining properly. We have to keep the area clean, hair trimmed and use a little ointment to clear up the irritation. It's something we're going to have to keep on top of.

Tess and Norma Jean are happy the sun is shining.

Samba waiting for dinner.

Fudge acting goofy.

Today, Tuesday, all three sets of eyes are looking better. They're still red, but no pus.

This morning I heard a bark at 5:30. It woke me up and I smelled poop. I checked on Lucy, because she sometimes doesn't wake me when she has to go out during the night. She was asleep in her basket and there was no poop in the bedroom. I knew what that meant. I went downstairs to the room the pups sleep in. Bailey had a runny poop in her crate and she and Lola had tap danced in it.

After putting all the pups outside, I dragged the crate outside and scrubbed it, then I fed the pups. Rob got up and steam cleaned the carpet. Boy, do I ever want tile in that room. After feeding everyone, we had to bathe Bailey and Lola. Then we both needed showers and I started a load of clothes and dog blankets. Finally, Rob and I went out for breakfast. All this and it was only 8AM.

Bailey has had an upset tummy all day and refused her food tonight. I have given her some rice and yogurt. I'll keep a close watch on her tonight, but I feel sure it's nothing serious. By tomorrow she should be back to normal. She has a pretty sensitive tummy, but continues to eat things she shouldn't.

I Love this picture of Morgan. She's a big chewer. A stuffed toy only lasts minutes with her. I have to make sure that Pig-Bunny stays out of her reach.

Tsar stays cool in the hot weather by lying on the tile floor. He prefers to sleep here at night, too, though if I come downstairs during the night, I often catch him stretched out on the leather loveseat.

These are some more dog blankets I've knit for a local shelter. I use a thick puffy stitch and heavy yarn to give them more body to provide extra comfort.

I'm hoping that tomorrow morning everyone sleeps till 7AM and there are no new medical complaints. Fudge and Lola start obedience class on Thursday and I need to get ready.

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