Friday, February 5, 2010

The Cat-Dog

Hello all you internet dogs and cats. I'm Tsar and I was just judged to be the best 'Cat-Dog' of 2010 at the great MangoMinster.

I am a cat trapped in a rather large dog's body and therefore I can represent both species.

I live with nine other dogs, eight of them are crazy Portuguese Water Dogs. Those guys run in circles and jump up in the air and they even dive into water. No self respecting cat would behave like that.

I find a sunny spot to stretch out and there I remain for hours. If someone speaks to me I ignore them, don't even raise my head. If Mom speaks directly to me, I answer with one thump of the tail, no more. Those Water Dogs jump up and start spinning. What's with that spinning anyway?

In the yard, call the dogs and they race up the hill to see who called them. I turn my back and sit down. Sometimes, I'll throw a glance over my shoulder, so they know I heard them.

The other dogs see an invader in the yard and they start barking and racing around. I drop into a crouch and slowly creep up on the bird, squirrel or mole and surprise it from behind. That's why I've caught them and the noisy dogs haven't. Then I toss it around for a while before walking away and leaving it for Mom to find. She loves that.

Dinner time is crazy around here with ten dogs. The others inhale their food. It's gone in seconds. I wait for those ruffians to be finished, then I sniff my dinner. Sometimes I'll simply walk away. It drives the other dogs crazy. When I decide to eat, I pick up one piece of kibble at a time and chew it thoroughly. Dad counted one day and says I chew each piece 18 times. While I chew, I observe the world around me. I'll look out the window or watch TV, or sometimes, just to drive everyone crazy, I'll stare up at the ceiling. It makes them all look up. It takes quite a while to eat and those silly Water Dogs sit there drooling while they wait for me to finish. Then I always leave two or three pieces in the bowl to show my disdain.

Mom says that I have an opportunity with this win to bring the species closer. Sheesh, Mom, you might as well ask for world peace.

Thank you to all who voted for me and to Judge Khyra who saw my inner cat and to the other contestants. Thank you Mango for sponsoring this great event. I'll do my best to represent all the internet cats and dogs in the coming year.


Marjie said...

Tsar, you had my vote. With cat/dog peace, who would need world peace anyway? And I've sent a letter to the White House nominating you as ambassador to the world. Not being frazzled by those PWDs shows great strength of character and steady thinking to guide us through rough times. Oh, your poor Mom, Fudge for Congress and now you as Ambassador!

gMarie said...

OMG! Tsar really is a cat in dog's clothing! How funny is that?

Okay - Tsar given the chance I'd vote for you every day! Go Win!! g

Unknown said...

Sue, You did a wonderful job as always of representing Tsar! You captured his essence...He is a wonderful dog, but you already know we are good friends...thanks for sharing with everyone...He will be a wonderful representative of the Dog/Cat 2010!

Stella said...

Congrats, Tsar! If Mango Minster has a best All Around, you have my vote!

That first picture had you in an interesting haircut. Is that a regular summer deal for you? I think I like it, and wonder if you do too.

You have a most interesting personality and I look forward to getting to know you better (although I doubt you'd say the same!)


SissySees said...

Tsar, you are indeed a perfect ambassador for your group! We're so very proud to cheer you on.

LizzieJane said...

He really is a big kitty, isn't he.
Todays post made me chuckle. Congratulations Tsar. Your one of a kind for sure!

Lapdog Creations said...

Tsar, you are a beauty. I esp love that last photo! ♥

Janet said...

Tsar, you are such a very handsome and interesting boy!

Anonymous said...

thanks Tsar for Juno's congrats! Juno can sympathize with Fudge. she would have prefered the BAD sport category too! hmph!
wild dingo

Martha said...

We wish you luck Tsar in the contest. We enjoyed reading your post today - you are a most interesting dog! Sorry cat/dog!
We can see you have an inner calm, so necessary for living with all those spinning PWD's.
We loved hearing how you eat your dinner - so thorough.
love and kisses
Martha & Bailey xxx

Dianne said...

Go Tsar!

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

We have fallen behind in our blog reading. We are very sorry we are so late in getting to congratulate you on your big win, Tsar. You did a great job and we are very happy for you.

Woos, Phantom and Thunder

Tee said...

Hello Tsar, Sorry we're bit late in the congratulations. We've been real busy and have not been keeping up with the exciting MangoMinster competition.

We're so glad you won! :)

Licks and wags

The Dog Woods Pack