Friday, March 17, 2017

Chewy Does It Again

This month we tried a new to us product from Chewy. It's called Wellness CORE Chunky Centers and we tried the turkey, duck and white sweet potato variety.
When I looked at the picture on the container, I wasn't sure how I would divide it between the dogs. It looks like a pate outer shell filled with gravy and pieces of meat and veggies inside. It wasn't exactly as pictured. The description isn't quite accurate. It states "two mouthwatering textures in every bite, delicious pate with chunks of turkey and duck in the center". The outside is pate.
The inside looks about the same as the outside, making it easy to divide.
Never mind what the description says, my dogs loved it.

We've tried other Wellness products in the past and I've been impressed with all of them. This was easy to feed, stayed soft in the refrigerator after opening and didn't have an offensive odor. My well qualified judges all agreed that it was delicious and they checked each others bowls just in case anyone forgot to eat it all. No one did.
The Chunky Centers come in other flavors including; lamb-turkey and Kale, chicken-chicken liver and spinach, beef-lamb and white sweet potato, tuna-chicken and kale, and salmon-tuna and spinach. All the varieties sound good and I think my dogs would enjoy any of them.
I do think a change of name might be appropriate as they do not have centers filled with gravy and chunks of meat. It doesn't matter to the dogs and if you'd like to try this food, just contact Chewy and they'd be happy to deliver some to your door.

We received a case of Wellness Core Chunky Centers from Chewy at no cost to us in exchange for our honest review.


Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

We have NEVER cared what it looks's the taste. And we think that passed the taste test with flying colours!!!

Molly the Airedale said...

I've had the Wellness foodables as a topper before and they are VERY yummy!

gMarie said...

We've been ordering from Chewy lately. I can't believe how fast those darn pups go through kibble! g

Marjie said...

Easy to divide and store without an offensive odor is a huge boon! I'll mention this to Jeffrey, who has to bribe Tank to eat (especially when he's up here, and just wants to play outside).

Lapdog Creations said...

We haven't had a chance to dig into ours yet but anxious to see if it's the same texture as what you received.

Chewy said...

We surely do appreciate the honest feedback! Thank you so much. :)