Tuesday, April 18, 2023

Just the Basics

Sue's health is improving every day even though she gets frustrated, and wishes the whole thing gone. That reminds me i have to pick out a ball of yarn, and some pairs of kntting needles. Should help regain hand and eye sync. I am going to have you wait for any details that Sue wants to share about her experience, out of respect for her privacy. The prayers and best wishes keep pouring in from all over the planet. I have just approved several dozen comments. Sue also received a beautiful arangemen of flowers from one of her onling frients, We don't have a go fund me site but the checks and money orders just come in directly. Thanks for all the support.I expect to have Sue home sometime late this week or early next week. She will then recieve home health support while she regains her strength. I have met many wonderful people during this trial, Doctors, Nurses,LPN,People that change the sheets, and run the whirlpool bath, or just a nice person in the next room.. The latest pet is getting impatient and I don't want a cleen up job at what ever hour this is so I wish you all a good night!!!!! Robert

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