Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Dogs Everywhere

Walking through my house it would be hard to miss the fact that I love dogs. The 'WOOF' sign on the front porch and the dog chain attached to the railing would be your first hint. Of course, the chorus of eleven doggy voices in all ranges would greet you as soon as you stepped on the porch.

Inside are a lot of reminders, too. Several years ago Rob and I were at a street fair. Lots of vendors had set up stands selling all sorts of creations. We found one artist who did dog paintings using mixed media. She sculpted the little dogs and added them to the painting, so there is a lot of texture. Rob bought this one for me. It's called 'Dogwood Tree Of Life'.

We hung it in the entry hall and I spent a lot of time studying it. It gave me a tremendous urge to collect art. I knew I had to narrow my interest, so I decided on dog art. Big surprise. When I started looking around I was amazed at the amount of dog art available. I would have to narrow my choices even more. I decided on Portuguese Water Dog art. The breed is still fairly rare, so how much could there be?

A lot. I have a number of wonderful paintings, some not so wonderful paintings, some neat sculptures and a lot of novelty pieces. Today I bought a print of five puppies asleep on a patterned rug. It reminded me of when my pups were babies.

This piece is large and makes everyone smile. It's done by a very talented lady, Youlia Anderson. She owns
Furrytale Ceramic Studio and I have a number of her pieces.

I also receive dog themed gifts from family and friends. A couple weeks ago two friends, my backup vet Dr Nicki and one of our Vet Techs, Les went to a conference. They learned lots of handy stuff and Les brought back a present for me. PWD socks. Aren't they cute?

The top dog on the socks looks just like Samba. She also brought this beautiful key ring. It's much too pretty to get scratched up by keys, so I might use the charm on a necklace.

Another hint that a dog person lives here, besides the artwork, would be dog beds everywhere. There's one in the dining room, one in the kitchen, one in the laundry room. There is one in the living room, two in the office, one in the library and six in the bedroom. Depending on the time of day, you might find dog toys strewn around and occasionally cotton stuffing from the inside of the dog toys strewn around. Bentley used to put his toys in the box, I wonder if I can teach any of these dogs to pick their toys up.

I love all dogs of all sizes, shapes and colors. Purebreds and mixed breeds are all great animals with their own unique personalities. My art collection reflects that. I have paintings and sculptures of dogs other than PWDs. There's no way I could pass up this fellow. He's carved from wood and is quite heavy.

I truly believe there are no bad breeds, only bad owners.

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