Friday, September 12, 2008

The List

Last week when Rob was getting ready to leave for Kansas City for the week, I had a list of things I wanted to accomplish or at least get started on. The dreaded housework was there, as were a number of crafty projects to knit, sew or cross-stitch. Some needed to be finished, others started.

Instead I was visited by the Gustav Flu and spent the week lying down.

This week I got a second chance. Rob left on Monday for Kansas City for the week and my list had grown. Well, Gustav is still hanging in there, but I managed between naps to get a few thing done. Still the list is long and growing each day.

Rob got home last night and we had Friday to spend together. Unfortunately, life got in the way. Here's our day off.

At 6 AM Tess barked to let me know she was starving. Soon the others joined in. I threw on jeans and a shirt and went to the garage to feed the pups. Then we went out in the dark. Next the big dogs went out for a few minutes. Everyone got a cookie and we all went back to bed.

At 7:30 AM I got up again and fed the big dogs. Then everyone went outside. Rob came out and started scooping the yard while I took everyone in and gave them their pills.

Around 9AM Rob and Morgan and I went out to breakfast.

After breakfast we stopped at All Creatures to pick up some supplies.

Next stop, Petsmart for 270 pounds of dog food plus some treats. I know that sounds like a lot of dog food, but remember I have about 600 pounds of dogs, each eating twice a day.

Morgan volunteered to ride in the back with the food, but we tried that once and during the ride home she chewed through the bag and feasted. Note the tongue in action.

We got home in time to take everyone out again. After checking e-mail and doing a couple small jobs around the house, it was time to head back to All Creatures with Noah. Today he was getting his stitches out.

Here's Noah in the waiting room checking out the distance to the door.

He decided he couldn't make an escape, so he chose to look around. Most of my dogs like going to the Vet. Everyone gives them a lot of attention. They also give delicious treats.

Our friend Les told us we could go into the exam room.

The nice nurse let him stay on the floor to have his temperature and pulse taken and she told him he was a good boy. This may not be so bad after all.

Sitting on the table is scary.

Is this going to hurt?

Noah being brave.

Dr B said he'd left his stitches alone and everything looked good. The diagnosis was mixed. The good news is the lesion was benign. The bad news is it's called Focal adnexal dysplasia. We're not sure what caused it, but we're hoping it's an overreaction to a body slam from one or more of his sisters. It could be the body just overreacting and producing these things on it's own. We have to wait and watch.

We arrived home in time for dog feeding, evening edition. Morgan couldn't wait to try out some of that new food.

Tsar, who last night refused to have his picture taken, tonight posed for me. Go figure!!

Our dog duties weren't done yet. Rob and I grabbed some dinner, then headed out to pick up a prescription for Morgan and a weeks supply of yogurt. Rob asked if we could wait till tomorrow to get yogurt. I told him that we were completely out and if he wanted to explain that to the dogs I was willing to wait. We stopped for yogurt.

So, that was Friday. The list didn't get done today. Rob leaves again Monday for the week. Maybe next week I can put a dent in the list. Of course, I was reminded that Fudge and I need to get back to work on our rally practice. The trial is just a month away. I'll just readjust the list.

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