Thursday, September 11, 2008

My Co-Workers

First, I'd like to thank Paula for sending me this award. I appreciate it and I would like to send it on to my back-up Veterinarian, obedience coach and friend, Nicki . She is the one who insisted I start a blog and even thought up the name. Here you go Dr. Nicki, pass it on.

A couple of the DOT bloggers have talked about their dogs joining them in their sewing or work spaces and taking up most of the room. I have the same situation. If I go into the office, they all go with me. They do know that they have to behave in the office or they'll be banished, no barking or running around. Everyone has to find a spot and settle down until I'm done.

Fudge and Monty both like to lie under the work table that my computer is on. Whichever one gets there first usually stays there. If Monty gets the table, Fudge lies next to my chair on the right.

Sky lies next to my chair on the left. Here he is standing with his head in my lap. They each do that and I'm supposed to pet them while I type.

Samba and Morgan have this strange love/hate relationship. They're very competitive with each other and will growl at each other, then lie down and groom each other. Morgan usually gets in her basket or under my desk and Samba stretches out behind my chair so that I can't move without her knowing about it.

Monty, aka The Boss, likes to get under Rob's desk or across the doorway. He's always on guard. He also steals paper and guards it. We have to watch that no paper falls on the floor.

Tsar declined to have his picture taken tonight. He usually stretches out across the room from the rest of us, so he can sleep uninterrupted. If we have anything important to work on, we send the pups outside or into their crates because they get bored and start getting into things. Tsar is the only dog allowed to remain in the office by himself. He's the only one we trust not to touch anything.

They all seem to like working with us and except for having to step over them to move around, it's fun to have them all here. I'm going to take my co-workers upstairs now for a snack.

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