Friday, June 19, 2009

The Good Life

Rob has been using the hammock a lot this year. The dogs climbed all over him the first time they saw it, but now they're used to seeing him in it. Still they think they should be able to use it, too.

Norma Jean is the most persistent.

Bailey jumped all the way over him one day. We're not sure what she was trying to do.

Everyone would like to get in with him.

Norma Jean finally jumped in.

Morgan had to check to see what Norma Jean was doing.

Norma Jean trying to get more comfortable. I think she wanted the pillow.

Now Bailey wants to get in.

A couple more checking to see what he's doing.

Tess would like to climb in, but the hammock moves and she's not sure about it.

Morgan stops by to lick Rob's hand.

Here comes Norma Jean again.

It looks like everybody wants to swing.

Lying in a hammock is a great way for a dog to spend a lazy summer afternoon.


Unknown said...

We got ours out a week or so ago and I spent a lovely afternoon laying in the sun reading. It's not very good for getting your back the same color as your front though. Abby was quite upset by it - couldn't figure out why she couldn't get to me. Silly girl. g

SissySees said...

We haven't gotten the hammock out this year. Mugsy loved it. I can't recall if Fred ever got in it or not. Sissy would break her fool neck, but I bet Gretchie would love it.

Love those photos of the dogs enjoying Rob enjoying the hammock.

LizzieJane said...

I am just wondering how many the hammock will hold! What fun to relax with a hammock full of doggies, although I don't think Rob will be getting much relaxing done!
Have a great weekend Sue,

Rose said...

I'm surprised it held up under all that activity! Great looking dogs!

Sam said...

There is nothing better than cuddling up with a dog - or, even better, multiple dogs.

Don't forget about our blog collection for June 29th!

soulbrush said...

what pure delight, what pure happiness, what pure love!

Vivian said...

I hate to think what might happen to the hammock if all ten of them try to get in at the same time ...