Thursday, February 19, 2015


Hi Everybody,
Are you all staying warm and toasty? Ive been helping Mom and Dad make a big pot of food for Noah and me. I help by tasting the sweet potatoes and carrots. If I say they're good, then Dad chops them up and Mom stirs them into our food. How would they survive without my help?
Because it's very cold outside, we've been staying in and watching a lot of TV.  I have to ask, do your peeps yell at the TV? Our Mom seems to yell at the TV a lot and sometimes she uses HBO words, too. The other night we were all watching the dog show and I'll admit I drifted off to sleep before it was over. Suddenly Mom jumped up and yelled "NO" really loudly. We all started barking because we weren't sure what was going on. Then Mom said a couple bad words and walked out of the room. 
A few weeks ago Mom got mad at the TV because she said they were stuck on one stupid story and couldn't talk about anything else. She really hates when that happens and it seems to happen a lot. Even though there are like 87 thousand stations and they're on all day and all night, all they can talk about is one story till everyone is sick of it, then they go on to one other story.

The story she got mad about last month was about a football that was deflated. She tried to explain to us why the news people were yammering on and on about it, but we just couldn't understand why it mattered to anyone. You see, we like out basketballs and soccer balls deflated. It makes it easier to pick them up. 

Mackey is a little dog and has a little mouth, not like me with my huge mouth. I can hide toys in my mouth and Mom doesn't even know they're there. I can pick up lots of stuff, but Mackey has a harder time picking things up. She likes to play ball and isn't happy just chasing the little baby balls around, she likes the soccer ball.
Most of our big balls are a little deflated so Mackey and Syd can play with us. So what's the big deal? Isn't there something more important going on somewhere in the world to report on?
 Your pal, Fudge


Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

SHE doesn't yell, SHE just turns off the telly. SHE hates the way the 24-hour news has to make stuff up when a story happens, to fill in time. SHE's a wait and see sort of person.

Anonymous said...

Yep, our Peeps are kinda fed up with the STUPID news peeps, they seem to stir the pop a lots of times........Oh doggies the Portie got upset........well if you call it one.....we don't care for those high nose in the air people and their if alnatural Fudge was in the show he would win just for being awesome.

The Mad Scots

bichonpawz said...

We have done some serious debating about cutting the cable cord...not sure what we are going to do. It IS rather annoying, isn't it?? Stay warm!!

Lapdog Creations said...

Well the good 'ole news peeps seem to have forgotten about the deflated ball now that things seem to be pointing WELL in favor of our Pats NOT cheating - as we already knew around here. Seems like the haters don't want to admit they were wrong now... or that they fueled the story.

Matilda the Boxer said...

Momma yells sometimes, and sometimes she cries. I like the shows where she cries better, because she hugs me to feel better.

gMarie said...

What I want to know is that made her so mad at the Dog Show?

ajtehpanl hyoi - Beau here - I can't even be in the room with Dad when he's watching the Eagles play football. He screams and uses HBO words - it's better to hang with mom and listen to that nice man - Gibbs, all day long :) Beau