Thursday, November 24, 2016

Fudge's Holiday Advice

Hi Everybody,
Today is what the peeps call Thanksgiving. It's one of the bestest days in the whole year because there's lots and lots of really great smelling foodables in the kitchen. It's enough to make a guy drool all day long.

This year it's a triple holiday for us. Not only are we looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner, but today is also Syd and Mackey's birthday. The two little demons are four years old today.
 The past four years have been a challenge for all of us, but somehow these two have managed to turn out pretty well.
Mom says that because we're having a super special holiday dinner, we'll wait till the weekend for our cupcakes with sprinkles. She says we're having turkey enchiladas for dinner. That brings me to my advice for all you celebrators out there.

Sometimes peeps can overindulge on a big holiday like today. Well, we dogs sometimes do too. When that happens we can have some upset tummies and even some not so great poops. For some reason peeps seem fascinated with dog poop. If it isn't 100% perfect in amount, color and consistency, they get all excited and sometimes even get the vet involved.

If you plan to eat a little extra or try something new and different, tell your peeps to get some of this stuff. It's called FortiFlora and don't worry it tastes great.
Inside the box are all these little packets.
Inside the packets is some brown granular stuff. Mom sprinkles it on top of our dinner and it adds some extra good taste. That's not why she does it, though. You see, FortiFlora is a probiotic. It has good things in it that help our intestinal tracts deal with all that holiday food. It also works on your regular everyday food, too. It keeps our tummies from getting sick and makes our poops perfect. We get it every week if we're all healthy and if one of us gets sick, then he or she gets it every day.
We first learned about FortiFlora from our vet, Dr B, but now Mom buys it from Chewy. It comes right along with our dog food and we always have a supply on hand for emergencies. Mom has told our friends and family about how good FortiFlora works and most of them use it now, too.
 Chewy sent us this box of FortiFlora at no cost to Mom and Dad so that we could remind all our Blogville friends to stock up during the holidays. Then you can safely eat a little extra of the good stuff.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it. We'll let you know how the party goes when we have out sprinkles.
Your pal, Fudge


Bella Roxy & Macdui said...

We rarely get anything new....SHE watches our diet. But sometimes we find great stuff peeps have dropped: Asian food, McDonalds, KFC......and if we're quick, we snarf it up. That sounds like fantastic stuff. So we hope you get some extra stuff for Thanksgiving, and cupcakes with SPRINKLES for the girls' birthday.

Can't believe it has been four years since we saw those little girls in the box!

Molly the Airedale said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and thank you for telling us about FortiFlora!

Ruby said...

Oh Fudge, I wish I would have seen this postie befores Ma gave me those turkey scraps! Though I don't cares if I gets a bit gassy....Ma seems to have a problem with it. She starts moanin' and runs outta the room. whatevers. More room on the couch for MOI !!! BOL
I thinks I'll tell Ma abouts this...quieter that way. ☺
HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY THANKSGIVING and GOTCHA DAY!!!!! oh, and you gurls are gonna save me a couple of those FABulous sprinkle cupcakes, right??!!
Ruby ♥

M. K. Clinton said...

Happy Thanksgiving and happy birthday too! We are using Forti Flora right now. It sure does help our tummies to feel better. ♥

rottrover said...

I have Forta Flora every morning cuz I have a sensitive tummy! Happy Thanksgiving to all!!