Saturday, November 26, 2016

The Best of Times/ The Worst of Times

Hi Everybody,
We hope you all had a super holiday with lots of good food and treats. We thought you might like to see what our Thanksgiving dinner looked like, so here's how Mom put it together for us. 
First she mashed up a sweet potato.
Next she stirred in some cooked rice and three packets of FortiFlora.
Look at this plate of turkey!
 The turkey pieces got stirred into the rice and potato mixture.
 Then she scooped the mix onto tortillas.
Dad folded them over and put cheese slices on top.
Mom stuck them in the microwave till the cheese got all melty. Then Dad cut them into nine nice big pieces and we each had one with our kibble.
Oh boy, were they ever good!!!!!
 The next day there was some of the turkey and rice mix left, so Mom put in the leftover mashed potatoes and gravy from their Thanksgiving dinner and mixed it into our kibbles for our dinner. It was just as good on the second day and we all gobbled it up.

After dinner yesterday we were on our way back upstairs when Mom yelled for Dad to come help her. Little Mackey was having a seizure. Dad sent the rest of us outside and he and Mom helped Mackey get thru the awful seizure. It lasted twelve minutes and poor Mackey was really scared.

When it was over, Dad took her outside to poop, then she was kind of wobbly and scared, so she hid in the dark bedroom for about an hour. Mom called Dr B and discussed it with him. He said that since the seizures are coming more often and lasting longer, it's time to consider some medication to try and control them. Mom and Dad talked about it a lot last night and they're going to talk with Dr B again this week to come up with a plan. 
Today, after a good night's sleep, Mackey seems fine and is running around with the rest of us, but these are scary situations for her and the peeps. Mom says we're waiting a few day for the birthday party till we're sure Mackey is 100%.
Your pal, Fudge


The Life of Riley said...

We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in New Zealand, be we are drooling over the photos of the special meal you all get!

Sending POTP to Mackey.

Love and woofs,
Riley and Enzo

Molly the Airedale said...

We pray that medication will help Mackey. How awful for her.
Your mom is sure the bestest cook, Fudge! You have us drooling!

rottrover said...

Macky, I take zonicimide and I haven't had any side effects. I hope your treatment is as easy.

-Otto and his dumb new sister Osa

Matilda the Boxer said...

That looks so yummy! What a Thanksgiving feast!!

We are crossing our paws and sending lots of love for Mackey to beat that evil S-monster!

Marjie said...

Mom served you a great Thanksgiving feast! I hope poor Mackey is recovering nicely, and doesn't scare you like that again. Take good care of her, Fudge.

Unknown said...

Amie Soto Blossom and mum's other beloved, beloved dog from long ago had them too. Ames because daft bat fell from the settee. Mum moved the settee so she never fell again. Ames had a kind of stroke that she recovered from.
Mum's beloved, beloved always had seizures and she lived till a right ol age.
Luvs guys and going to keep paws crossed.
Luvs Freya Rose Blossom and De Ark XX Can you please give Mackey a good hug from us.. ta XXX

Lapdog Creations said...

We hope the Doc had some answers for you and poor Mackey. Sending our love...
And boy does that look like a tasty feast!