Friday, July 11, 2008

Before and After

This will be a short post because I'm so tired. I just want to go to sleep but I have to wait up till yogurt time. If I put all the dogs to bed too early, they all wake up really early, like 4 AM and I don't want to play fetch in the back yard at 4 AM. It's easier to just sit up till their normal bedtime.

Class last night was great !! Fudge was on. He listened to me and held his 'stays'. The instructor tossed toys near him, even that red ball, and she stepped over him and walked around him stroking his head and still he sat there. He did break when she clapped her hands, but went right down again. He even stayed when the little beagle in class wanted to play with his tail.

At one point while doing 'heel' we went across the room, around a corner, turned and went back to where we began, and we did it without a leash. He stayed right beside me. What a good boy. He was really wound up when we got home, lots of praise and lots of treats got him a little high.

This morning we had to be up early to deliver Fudge, Morgan and Bailey to the spa for their summer haircuts. It was just in time because the temperature was 94 today. At breakfast I took pictures of Morgan and Fudge looking like wooly sheep.

Morgan had to wear that plastic cone for such a long time that she had bad mats on her head, neck and ears. We've been trying to comb them out a little at a time, but they were still really thick. Because of that, she had to have a really drastic haircut. There isn't much hair left on her head, but she'll be cooler this summer and it'll grow back. It's only hair.

Here she is when she got home this afternoon. Looks like a different dog, doesn't she.

Fudge got a shave down, too. He has a really thick coat and was feeling the heat. This is Fudge this morning.

He's doing a 'down-stay' before eating his breakfast. He seems to like doing his obedience exercises. He's a real attention hog, so maybe he's figured out that it earns him extra attention when he obeys.

Here's Fudge after his return from the spa. In four months time he'll be just as wooly as he was before. Just in time for the next dogshow. Bailey didn't stand still long enough to get her picture taken. Maybe tomorrow.

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