Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekend Wrap

Obedience class was a mixed bag this week. We got there early and Fudge and I practiced some new moves that we'll need if we go on to rally. That's still iffy. We were doing pretty well until another member of the class arrived with her four year old grandson in tow. The kid ran aroun
d, shouting and stomping toward the dogs. The mother and grandmother did nothing to control him. All the dogs were nervous and kept looking at him instead of watching us. Fudge would break his stay and come to climb up on me every time the boy started moving around.

Fudge hasn't been around a lot of children, but the ones he has been near have been quiet and known how to behave around strange dogs. Fudge has been very good with them. This time I totally lost his attention and I finally gave up. He couldn't take his eyes off the boy.

Here's Fudge in a down-stay. Until this week I though he was really doing well and we might go on. Now, I'm not so sure.

Rob returned home Thursday night and Morgan was so happy. This is the longest time she's been apart from him since she started having her strange nervous episodes. She hasn't left his side since he got home. She's brought all her toys to him, too.

Friday was Rob's birthday. I made a chocolate cherry cake while he was gone. I also gave him a sculpture for the yard. When we first met, he had a decal of a dove on his car window. One of the first pieces of art we bought together was a stained glass dove, so when I found this sculpture, I knew it was perfect for him.

I think it'll look good in the rock garden.

Yesterday was so hot that none of the dogs wanted to go out. I had to drag Sky and Noah out the door. As soon as they had watered the weeds, they came racing back to the door to come inside where it was cool. All day we kept going through the same behavior, then last night it rained. They all ran out in the rain and chased each other around the yard. When they went to bed last night they were wet, stinky dogs. When I went to bed I found a nice wet pillow. Samba beat me to bed.

Today doesn't seem quite as hot. So far they're going out willingly. I had good intentions of cleaning the house today and doing laundry, but so far I've been goofing off. I think I'll just take the day off and knit. I need to finish the afghan I've started for my Aunt. My goal for August is to finish a project a week. We'll see.


Lapdog Creations said...

Hi Sue - OMG, we received our DOT summer swap box today and can't thank you enough! the dogs immediately knew the box was for them and were all over it. I just took lots of photos and I will email you a separate note later but wanted to send a quick thank you!!!!

Nicki said...

"iffy"-I think not, he'll do great in rally!