Thursday, July 31, 2008


This morning I slept in. Rob got up early and fed the dogs and took everyone out so I could grab a couple extra hours of sleep. When I did get up the dogs were very excited to see me. Each of them came over to say hello, but Tsar brought me a present. He quietly walked over and laid this at my feet. An eyeball.

He had neatly removed it from the stuffed flamingo that Monty carries around. Fortunately, Monty hasn't noticed that his flamingo now has only one eye.

Tonight was our final obedience class. The beagle who usually attends just dropped in to say goodbye, then had to go someplace with her people. Clark, the cute white fluffy dog didn't attend, either. We left Lola home, since she hasn't kept up with the class and is a major distraction, not only to the dogs, but to me.

We had only three dogs take the final exam. Java, a Chocolate Lab, a Black Lab whose name I never learned and Fudge.

We had to do a 'sit-stay', a 'down-stay', a 'recall with front sit', a'heel' pattern and a 'down-stand-down-sit' pattern. Fudge was a bit distracted because Rob was taking pictures, but he settled down pretty well.

Fudge in his 'down-stay'.

Black dog in 'down'.

Fudge in his pattern.

Notice how focused he is.

Java does his 'sit-stay'.

Black dog does 'pattern'.

We start our 'heel'.

Black dog starts 'heel'.

Fudge in 'down'.

Black dog in 'down'.

Black dog sits.

Java gets some help from Dr J.

It's hard to ignore those toys and treats scattered around, especially when Fudge hasn't had dinner.

Dog training is hard work.

Fudge thinks class is exhausting.

So Fudge now joins Samba and Tsar as obedience school graduates. I know he'll miss his classes, but we're going to continue on our own and in October we're going to compete in Rally. His daughter, Gracie, may be competing then, too.

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Lapdog Creations said...

Great pics! I wanted to let you know I finally got to post pics of the swap package today - THANK YOU SO MUCH!