Monday, July 7, 2008

Bits and Pieces

Monty was lying in bed beside me this morning and I was studying his feet. He has very neat, tight feet. They almost seem too small for his body. I like dog feet. They differ so much between breeds. Dachshunds have such big knobby feet for such short little bodies. Sometimes I'm amazed at Lucy's tiny little feet, they're so delicate.

The PWDs have big feet. They're paddles or dustmops or if it's muddy outside, paintbrushes.
They have big fat pads, too. Here are Samba's and Fudge's paws.

This is Sky's paw.

While I was thinking about feet, I started thinking about tails. Dogs speak with their tails. They can say "I'm happy to see you' or "I'm afraid of this situation" or " I sense danger" all with their tails.

Some people still dock dog's tails. I can see no reason, unless there's a medical necessity, why any dog should have it's tail docked. None of mine do and I wouldn't do it even if it was the breed standard. How can we deprive these wonderful creatures of their natural form of expression? Tails are necessary for emotional well being. And that is that.

Samba's tail.

Fudge's tail.

Sky's tail.

Monty's tail.

We managed to survive the fireworks over the weekend. Monty refused to go outside Friday for last call and held it all night, but Morgan and Lucy ran out, squatted and ran back in. Tsar and the Water Dogs don't seem very concerned about the noise. A couple of the pups bark at the noise, but they don't act afraid. Just the same, I'm glad it's over for another year.


Nicki said...

I agree-dogs should have tails!

Unknown said...

Oh what a wonderful study!
I love the expressions my dog has with her tail and I would assume if she didn't have one she would be mute.