Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dogs on Thursday

I recently joined a group of bloggers known as Dogs On Thursdays. We post something about dogs each Thursday. That's pretty simple for me as I include dogs almost every time I post. Most of the people in the group are knitters so I feel very comfortable with them. We recently had a 'Dog Days of Summer' secret swap. I had Nichole and filled a box for her and her four furkids. It was so much fun thinking up things to send.

Yesterday I received our box from Paula. Boy, what a great gift box. She thought of everything.

My guys love getting presents. They think every box that comes into the house must contain something for dogs. That's not true, but it happens often enough to keep them excited. Monty was the first one to see the box arrive.

Surely there must be something for dogs in there.

Samba was going to help herself.

Here's how it looked when I opened it.

Look at all those packages. What fun.

Monty was sure this one was for dogs. He wanted to help open it, but I insisted on doing the unwrapping.

This one must be meant for him.

Lots of noses were getting into the act.

Snausage treats really got their attention.

Look at all this neat stuff.

There were treats for dogs.

This was the greatest idea. A tick remover will certainly be useful here in Missouri where the creepy crawlers seem to hold conventions. I wish I'd thought of the poop bags for my box. If there is one thing we have plenty of, with eleven dogs, it's poop. Fudge is going to compete in Rally in October and conformation in November. We won't have to carry those ugly Walmart blue bags. We'll have pretty designer poop bags.

There were dog toys.

We never have enough tennis balls. The pups carry them around all the time, and sometimes they meet untimely ends when the lawnmower catches them.

These are Monty's favorites. He wanted to have them, wrapping paper and all. I forced him to wait until I had pictures of everything. He picked the pink one and slept with it last night.

Isn't this the cutest thing? This fellow didn't get handed over to the dogs. He floats, so he's going to the lake with us next week when the dogs go swimming.

A duck and a whale for water dogs, of course.

There were treats for me. Rob reminded me how much he helped putting together the box for Nichole, so I promised to share the chocolate.

There were toys for me.

I love this little ornament. I firmly believe that dogs communicate with their tails. We just have to be smart enough to listen.

Paula sent two cards. One was to introduce herself and the other was a very thoughtful sympathy card for our little Lucy, who crossed the bridge last week. She was Rob's dog and he really appreciated the card.

My Mom taught me to knit when I was five years old. About fifteen years ago I thought the art of knitting might be disappearing. It was hard to find patterns and the yarns were pretty boring. Now it seems from the blogs and Ravelry that the art is flourishing. There are neat new patterns available and the new yarns are simply gorgeous.

I am enjoying the company of the DOT women and look forward to lots of doggy stories and knitting inspiration. Thank you, Paula.


Anonymous said...

What a great package! I love the little ornament too, and will have to look for designer poop bags for Sissy. The plain blue don't match her purple princess theme...

Lapdog Creations said...

SO glad to see you were so well spoiled!!!!!! What an awesome box of goodies!
Our kids are still loving all their toys -- even though everyone but the sheep has been de-squeaked now. But Sophie usually has the white puppy with green ears every morning...toting it all around with her!

Kathy R said...

The second picture down--I love those curly heads! You got a great package. The poop bags are much nicer than my usual grocery store bags.

You are a special woman to care for 610 lb. of dogflesh!

Unknown said...

I am so glad your box got there safely and that you and the dogs like everything!
It was LOTS of fun putting togeather and thinking of things you and the dogs might like.
The doggie treats are from Kenyetta (who was also my wonderful secret pal.)and who is a sweet member in our group who was kind enough to send them to me for your box.

Nicki said...

Believe it or not I used to knit as a kid. My mom is big into sewing and she taught me how. She had to teach me right-handed though because she didn't know what to do with her left-handed kid! I don't know that it makes much difference though-you use both hands to knit.

Firefly Nights said...

That was a really nice swap package. Lots of fun things in there.

dogquilter said...

What a terrific package! I just love Monty and all the 'help' he was giving you!! They have plenty there to keep them occupied for a while and so do you!!