Monday, August 4, 2008

Too Darn Hot

It is way too hot!!!!! Today the temperature here was 97 degrees and the humidity was somewhere near 1800 %. I fed everyone and took them out at 5:45 AM and then I scooped the yard. I don't usually scoop that early, because I'm only partially awake and am not focusing well that early, but it was already in the eighties and I knew I wouldn't do it later.

I thought I might have to think up ways to keep my pack amused indoors, but they had their own solution. Tsar disappeared into the office which is located in the basement. We didn't see him again until dinner time. The pups settled into their crates for long naps with an occasional destruction of a stuffed toy thrown in.

Lucy stretched out on her big pillow located smack in the middle of the kitchen. No one can sneak a snack without her knowing.

Sky found a place near the air conditioning vent for his siesta.

Morgan slept near Rob's chair.

Monty found a spot where he could see the front door. Always on guard.

Samba settled down near Morgan. The two of them are very competitive.

Fudge chose the end of the sofa.

He decided an old guilt would be even more comfortable.

They all slept all day. I forced them all, except Tsar, outside around 11 AM and again around 2PM. I do mean forced. I had to drag Sky and Noah out the door. Everyone ran out for two seconds, then milled around the door. After a nice cool drink they all went back to sleep.

The pups enjoyed popsicles. I hold the stick and they lick or chomp the cold stuff. The big dogs had Frosty Paws. Wow, nothing is as good as ice cream on a hot day.

It never cooled off much. They ate light dinners and went out for a little while. At last call it was still in the mid to high eighties. Everyone really enjoyed their cold strawberry yogurt, then off to bed after a lazy day.

I did a little knitting. Here are some doggy duds I made earlier this year.

These are for a sporty weekend, hiking or attending a game.

These are for everyday activities such as shopping or strolling in the park.

My Mom had a jacket that looked just like this.

These are for parties.

Knitting winter things helps remind me that the heat won't last much longer and soon we can wear pretty knits. I found a tunic pattern for myself and can have fun selecting yarn for that. Playing with yarn and pretty fabrics makes me forget the heat and humidity.


Lapdog Creations said...

Look at all those beauteous doggies... and pretty sweaters too! Its been really hot here, but today we are experiencing fall like weather, which I love (minus the nonstop rain)!

Anonymous said...

I loooove those doggie sweaters!
Your guys look like my dog on hot days,
relaxing near the coolness of the airconditioner!

By the way,
You have a box of summery goodness on its way to you and your pack!

Love from your Dot Dog Days Of Summer Swap Pal!