Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hair and Teeth

Rob often teases me that we have a standing weekly appointment with our veterinarian. He's only half teasing, and he's only half wrong. Four weeks ago Sky had his dental appointment to fix the tooth he chipped.


The following week Samba and Morgan each had a sore toe that turned out to be staph infections. Don't ask me how they managed to get the same infection in the same toe at the same time. They did it. A couple days later Fudge got an ear infection, but I treated it myself and I'm happy to report that both toes and the ear are all healed.

Last week we had the situation with Lucy. This week it was time for Sky to have a recheck on his tooth to make sure the repair worked. I found a tiny spot on one of Fudge's teeth, so he went, too. Sky's tooth looks perfect. The bonding agent is set and he's back to normal. We will always have to be careful what he chews on. He can't have hard toys or bones that might damage the enamel.


The spot on Fudge's tooth was a mystery. Dr B decided to poke at it with a probe. He warned that if it was bad Fudge would jump and be most unhappy. We held him tightly while the doctor probed and Fudge was a really good boy. He stood still and although he whimpered once, he didn't move. The spot is an enamel lesion, a little nick in the enamel. We have to keep it clean and it shouldn't give him any trouble.

We've been getting the dogs clipped short over the past few weeks. They're more comfortable in this hot weather and much easier to keep clean and smelling fresh. Morgan, Samba,Bailey, Fudge and Sky are done. This week it was the 'Silly Sisters' turn. Tess and Norma Jean went leaping and spinning into the grooming shop looking dirty and shaggy. They came out looking sleek and trim and smelling so much better.


Tess was a little embarrassed by her short haircut and stayed close to me instead of playing with the others. That didn't last long. After dinner and a short nap she was ready to play and run with the pack.

Norma Jean on the other hand wasted no time getting dirty. First she paddled in the water bowl, then ran around the yard to get her feet nice and muddy brown, then rolled in some weeds to get back that doggy odor. That's my girl !!

Norma Jean

Here they are waiting to go inside. Check out the dirty feet on Norma Jean.

Monty loves when the girls go to the groomer. They come back smelling nice and he follows them around and lays his head on their backs. He thinks they look great.


We have one more grooming appointment this week for Lola and Noah. Then we let the hair grow and start all over again. So far we have no vet appointments scheduled for this week. That doesn't necessarily mean we won't wind up with one. With a pack of eleven active dogs we never know what's coming next.

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