Friday, November 20, 2009

Club Meeting

I'm a member of the Springfield Dog Training Club.

Last night was the final meeting of the year and I attended with Rob as my guest.

Here's a sign you don't see in many places.

These are some of the title plaques earned by members and their dogs.

This wall shows titles earned broken down by breed. There is no Portuguese Water Dog on the board, but that's about to change. A picture of a PWD will be posted in the working dog section and Fudge and I will get our names under it.

As a fundraiser, the club is raffling off a small tree trimmed with doggy ornaments. The members attending last night brought these.

This is Jazzy.

The adorable pup was very popular. He's a 14 week old Dalmatian and had a hard time sitting quietly thru the meeting, so he sort of wandered around saying hello to everyone and getting lots of petting.

Another puppy in attendance was Grady. He's a nine month old Newfoundland and he was puppy squirmy, too.

This is an old timer.

Some came in pairs.

Talk about obedience! Jazzy sat in this chair by herself while her owner was busy taking orders for club jackets. She never moved from that chair. My dogs would be jumping over the chairs and having great fun greeting people.

These two were trying to pay attention to the meeting.

This is Blu and we should all take a lesson from her. Blu is thirteen years old and has arthritis in her legs, but she just earned her first title in obedience. As someone said last night, "Senior citizens can do anything."

This is a lovely salt and pepper Giant Schnauzer. He is in a foster home and looking for a permanent home. He's a big, gentle boy and his foster mom says he'd make a good obedience dog.

Boy, that meeting seemed to last forever to Letta.

Might as well get comfortable.

This is how she looks standing up.

At the end of the meeting all the new title holders were recognized. We were called up front while our achievements were announced. In case you don't recognize me, I'm the one in the white sweatshirt with the PWD on the front.

Here's the whole group. The Golden Retriever on the end is another senior citizen. She's twelve years old. It's never to late to work with your dog. Notice that Fudge was not in attendance. I thought I'd like a night off, but I was sorry that I didn't take him. He would have loved the attention. Next time!

Then they brought out the title cake. Each month they have a cake with the names of all who earned new titles.

Here's a close up of our corner of the cake.

The meeting ended and everyone had cake and coffee. It was a good meeting and next month there will be a Holiday party called Tea and Biscuits. Santa will be there for pictures so maybe Fudge can go with us.

Samba Update: The medicine has helped with the pain. Except that she can't open her mouth all the way, she doesn't seem to be in any pain. She's eating well, soft food only, and running around with the other dogs. It's heartbreaking for me to watch her chase after her ball, then not be able to pick it up. She's getting upset about that, but in a few weeks we can throw a soft toy for her to retrieve. That should make her much happier.


Sam said...

What a cool meeting! Mine's tonight. I'm not sure if we have one in December or not. I submitted my application for full membership of my club last time, so I should be inducted tonight.

The cake idea is so great!

SissySees said...

What fun! Congrats to all the new title holders. Fudge will have fun with Santa.

Glad Samba is on the mend.

Dianne said...

When I was reading the names on the cake, I thought Who would name their dog "Moldy"? (Third name in second column) Then I realized it is "Molly". I'm still laughing about Moldy, though!

Marjie said...

I've never seen a Newfie who wasn't all black! Congrats to you and Fudge for earning your spot on the board. We continue to send happy arfs Samba's way.

Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

Our Mom wishes we had an obedience club close to us - maybe we could learn something!! BOL!!

Congrats to Sue and Fudge.

Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Java

Molly the Airedale said...

Congratulations, Fudge! What a shame you didn't get to have a piece of cake with your name on it!

Love ya lots
Maggie and Mitch

Scout and Freyja said...

That was a furry wonderful post. We got to meet the pups and the 13 years old doggie that is smart and we saw the cake and we saw the tree and we saw a lot. Thanks☺ And - we got to learn that you is showing them that a PWD is PURRty specials. Of course, you has to be cuz you have a relative in the White House so now you needs to be on you's best behavior☺

Martha said...

Oh poor Samba - she must be so frustrated not to be able to get her ball!
We loved the pics from your club night.
Some great dogs there - Jazzy was very well behaved!
We are glad that you and Fudge are about to set things right for PWD -the cake was a great idea and Fudge was right there!
It will be fun to see what Fudge and the other dogs think of Santa - Martha & Bailey would no doubt be terrified!

gMarie said...

Oh Honey my heart aches for you and Samba. How frustrating for her. Would a smaller ball help things? Or should she not be trying just yet?

I have that puppies welcome sign at my front door and my brother says it's a lie. Beau will try to eat them.

Your club meeting sounds like fun. :) g

♥♥ The OP Pack ♥♥ said...

We can't wait for you to get your name up there too. Congrats on your recognition.

Hope Samba improves more soon.

Woos, the OP Pack

aileen said...


If your Giant Schnauzer is available, we'd love him! We have had Giants for over 25 yrs!