Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Eve

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, so today I've been busy. We woke up to snow on the ground and it's still coming down, so we have some very happy dogs. They were so busy chasing each other thru the snow this morning, they almost missed breakfast. Tomorrow is Fudge's birthday, so we're having a party and I think I'm ready for that.
Today I've been making goodies for my valentine, aware of the big box from Amazon beside his desk. What could that be? First I made a big pot of chili. What's better on a cold winter day?
Next I decide to try something I'd seen on another blog. I started with cupcake mix. Did you know they sell cupcake mix? I thought you just used regular cake mix. I wonder what the difference is.

Following the instructions on the package I mixed the batter, then filled each paper cup 1/3 full.
Next I put a section of a Caramello bar in each cup. Then more batter till the cups are 2/3 full.

 Cool and frost.

These are really good with gooey caramel inside each cupcake. Yum!!


Marjie said...

Those cupcakes sound wonderful. I wonder what the difference is between cupcake mix and cake mix. Maybe the amount of mix in the package? Happy Valentine's Day to all of you; hope the Amazon box is full of excitement!

Lapdog Creations said...

The chili looks delish... the cupcakes look devine!

rottrover said...

Nicole took the words out of my salivating mouth!!

Kari in Alaska said...

Those cupcakes sound awesome

Stop on by for a visit

Two French Bulldogs said...

looks yummE
Benny & Lily

The Daily Pip said...

Oh gosh, everything looks yummy. Of course, I am not allowed to have any of these things because of my heart healthy diet.

We like your "protect women's rights badge". We have never noticed that before, but we agree!

Your pal, Pip

SissySees said...

Drool! What a great Valent-irthday party you'll have! Wish Fudge a happy birthday for us.

Jo's World said...

Since cupcakes are so popular today, the difference is probably less mix inside and about 50 cents more on the outside. Cake mix boxes used to tell you what you could get out of the box, one sheet cake, 2 layers, and a couple dozen cupcakes.

All this is by way of wishing Fudge the Happiest Birthday and everything sounds delish!

Jo, Stella and Zkhat

Molly the Airedale said...

There is sure going to be good eating at your house! yummmmm

Love ya lots,

Nicki said...

Those sound wonderful