Friday, July 27, 2012

The Games

Hi Everybody,

I'm sure you're all aware that the big games start today. Yep, the big Blogville Games for 2012 start today and we're not in them. Mom's excuse is that our wifi thingie broke and she couldn't send in our photos, but  if she hadn't been too lazy to send them in early we would be competing in about 87 events. As it turned out we're only in one event. Our wifi got fixed in time for Mom to enter Samba in the frisbee event. That's it.
Well, we were pretty upset, but then it occurred to us that you only really need four competitors to hold games. You need one to win gold, one to win silver, one to win bronze and one to be the loser. There are ten of us, so we're holding our own games. 
We each have specialties, I'm the best at jumping and spinning, Samba is best at frisbee, Morgan, Samba and Norma Jean are the best swimmers. Sky is best at playing ball and sleeping, Tess and Lola are the best runners and Bailey is the best digger. Noah can be the loser. I don't know what the new guy does.
Since we're such great athletes, we're going to divide our games into a few days. We'll start with the official Blogville events that we would have entered if someone had gotten us entered in time. 

So, let the games begin!

Samba and Morgan
Norma Jean

 Window Nose Art:
 This was a team effort. Morgan is the best , but Bailey contributed with her muddy paws.

Crazy Sleeping Singles:



 Synchronized Snoozing:

Fudge and Sky

Sky and Noah
Noah and Sky

Gymnastics- Trampoline singles:


 Trampoline doubles:
Bailey and Noah

Discuss and Frisbee:

Digging-Relay :
Noah and Bailey

Synchronized Peeing:
Sky and Fudge

Wow, what a busy, fun filled day. Be sure to join us tomorrow for more fast paced events featuring me and the rest of the pack. Now I need a nap.
Your pal, Fudge                                                                    


Anonymous said...

WoW guys sorry you missed all the events, however you just made us tried for the first day of the Olympics.

Susie & Bites

rottrover said...

We didn't get to enter anything either...sheesh !

You guys can have your own Games any time you want! How cool is that!?!

-Bart and Ruby

Winston said...

Oh My Goodness!!! looks like sum of the bestest Athletes are right here on your bloggy! The Synchronized Peeing contestants were absotootley amazing, I'm sure they put in hours of practice each day!
Looking forward to seeing the rest of your events.

Two French Bulldogs said...

You guys sure are good athletes
Benny & Lily

Jo's World said...

I would like to have 10 brothers and sisters for my own Games. . .
but Mom says she doesn't think we have enough room for that many.

I told her you might adopt me but she asked me how I would get to Missouri where its even hotter than it is here and not much of the snow I love. Maybe I will do winter games instead! That sounds good to me.


Molly the Airedale said...

Wow! You guys have your very own olympics! You are all winners!
You have us hysterical over the digging relay!

Love ya lots,
Mitch and Molly

SissySees said...

No entries here either! At least we've been doing lots of training for the long-distance dog walking.

(Shhh... they don't know we aren't going to London yet...)

gMarie said...

Fudge is entirely too cute. He really doesn't like poor Noah, does he? I hope Noah doesn't always end up the loser - who is the judge anyway?